PepsiCo looking to leverage Quaker

Quaker oatmeal

Company wants to renew excitement in the center of the store.

Lancaster Colony on the lookout for another acquisition

Company's integration of the newly acquired Angelic Bakehouse business going 'exceptionally well.'

Olam Cocoa opens center in U.S.

The facility will assist customers in reformulating existing recipes and developing new products.

B.B.U. profits up in quarter; volumes slip

Bimbo sees favorable sales trends in tough industry environment.

The rise of cookie dough bakeries

More stores are serving the treat as consumers seek out specialty sweet shops.

Gluten-free, healthy fats in focus for Pinnacle Foods

Company taps into health and wellness trends to edge out competition.

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Dough makeup

From mixing to sheeting to dividing to rounding, the most important processes in baking and snack manufacturing happen before the dough meets the oven.

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