Karl Thorson: 2016 Operations Executive of the Year

Karl Thorson, General Mills

Karl Thorson combines a lifetime of learning and a passion for his craft to establish best-in-class sanitation practices for General Mills and the baking industry.

General Mills championing world-class excellence in food safety

Karl Thorson, Baking & Snack's Operations Executive of the Year, outlines the company's global food safety initiatives.

König to president of Bosch Packaging Technology

Will succeed Friedbert Klefenz, who is set to retire on June 30, 2017.

SternLife launches high-protein breakfast mixes

Range includes powder mixes for pancakes, porridge and rice pudding.

Delivery key to success of bakeries

Companies search for the right vehicles for the job.

Whole Foods predicts nine trends for the New Year

Retailer compiled insights from global buyers and experts to develop forecast for 2017.

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In practical terms, sustainability today means going green in more ways than one. Baking and snack companies are looking for new ways to be corporate citizens while lowering overhead and improving their bottom lines. Here are some of the ways bakers and snack producers are responding to a changing business environment.

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