Flowers settles Jamestown distributor lawsuit

Flowers Foods Nature's Own bread truck

Shares surge in reaction to agreement affecting 270 territories.

Finding out how oats reduce cholesterol

A scientific discovery could lead to boosting such properties in other cereals, including wheat.

Toledo flour mill close to resuming operations

Was closed after a freight train derailment knocked out power.

Bimbo Bakeries deploys propane autogas fleet in Maryland

Company receives grant from Maryland Energy Administration.

Mexico challenges Imperial claims on sugar

Says suspension agreements working in letter to D.O.C.

Bunge to bring Boehlert on board as c.f.o.

Will succeed Drew Burke on Jan. 1, 2017.

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In practical terms, sustainability today means going green in more ways than one. Baking and snack companies are looking for new ways to be corporate citizens while lowering overhead and improving their bottom lines. Here are some of the ways bakers and snack producers are responding to a changing business environment.

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