Company Profiles

Company and Plant Profiles from Baking & Snack

Turano Baking: Ready for anything
Turano Florida Bun’s new production line in Orlando allows the business to react quickly to emerging new product trends while catering to its customers’ ever-divergent needs.
Wback GmbH bakes tonnes of buns
The bakery’s newest automated line in central Germany consistently turns out 50,000 buns an hour with just four people on the production floor.
Right place, right time
For its big 230,000-sq-ft Spartanburg, SC, location, Highland Baking puts together a streamlined version of its highly productive Northbrook, IL, facility.
Best of both worlds
Village Bakery of North Wales relies on a combination of selected automation and its signature ‘slow dough’ philosophy to soar to new heights.
A league of their own
Nation Pizza and Foods celebrates a new national pastime — pizza and grab-and-go foods — that caters to cutting-edge consumer trends with quality products.
Upgrading to 5G
As the fourth generation of Fantinis prepares the fifth to take the wheel, Fantini Bakery continues its 100-plus-year tradition of quality breads at a great value.
Finding the silver lining
Tribeca Oven weathers the storm, then partners with C.H. Guenther & Son, with big ambitions to expand its presence in the par-baked artisan bread market.
Flowers Foods’ big line that can
The company fills a production gap in the Northeast with a high-tech, high-volume bread line to bake Nature’s Own at Oxford, PA.
Teacher at heart
Don Dubois dedicated himself to sharing information that helped bakers make better products.
Flavoring our future
Making foods consumers like taste better is only part of the legacy of Kermit and Pete Murphy
Venus Wafers playing to its strengths
To grow a regional bakery for national accounts, Venus Wafers finds success in knowing and sticking to its niche.
Playing to your strengths
To grow a regional bakery for national accounts, Venus Wafers finds success in knowing and sticking to its niche.
Partnering behind the scenes
ARYZTA’S North America food group claims the title as the largest bakery business outside of the bread aisle.
Corropolese Bakery implements hands-on automation
After three generations of baking by hand, the Corropolese brothers Joe and Mike now take their growing family business to the next level.
Irresistible aloha spirit
King’s Hawaiian sails into the future with a second line for its highly automated Georgia plant … and starts work on a mirror-image second bakery at the same site.
Brewing something special
Hill Country Bakery rolls out Coffee House Cafe and Nutridurance bar initiatives as it ventures into the convenience store channel and beyond.
Finding leg room
Snak King c.e.o. shows willingness to try just about anything in the realm of snacks.
Dave’s Killer Bread makes bold moves
Killer instincts help strategically take a regional brand to a national level.
Galaxy Desserts sets the trends
Galaxy Desserts and Brioche Pasquier figure Americans are ready for authentic brioche and plan to build on the US company’s base of frozen croissants and upscale desserts.
PBF Special to the table
PBF Pita Bread Factory’s new facility gives the Canadian specialty bakery the launch platform for new premium products and the foundation to fuel its next growth stage.
Skinner Baking in the heart of Paris … Texas
Breathing new life into a once-proud bakery in northern Texas while bringing renewed hope to a small, close-knit community and adding new meaning to ‘from Paris with love.’
Italian Home Bakery: No place like home
Company’s product development initiative focuses on turning the oldest of the old into the next big thing.
Sustainable by design
Equipped with ‘next generation’ technology, Mile Hi moves bun production into its ‘next generation’ plant and seeks LEED Gold certification as well.
Criteria for success, the Mile Hi way
The bakery finds success in effectively communicating its values to employees.
Mile Hi Bakery goes for growth
Thirty years after pioneering the Single Source bakery, Mile Hi moves into a new, more capable and higher capacity plant three times the size.