Company Profiles

Company and Plant Profiles from Baking & Snack

UK and the big cheese
Domino’s Pizza Group in the UK enjoys master franchisee status.
World of favorite pizzas
Pizza toppings express a country’s culture.
A Constantly Diversifying Company
J&J Snack Foods expands its portfolio to meet consumer trends.
Master of Convenience
J&J Snack Foods expands its reach by buying and repairing beaten-down
niche businesses to bolster its dominant share of the grab-and-go market.

New Twists On Pretzels
Versatile pretzel lines create customized products.
Schwebel’s quality steeped in tradition
How Schwebel Baking sets the standard when it comes to baking quality bread, buns and rolls.
Schwebel’s quiet leader
Paul Schwebel takes up the mantle of the bakery’s presidency.
Gold Standard means green for Arbor Investments
A private equity firm partners with the bakery’s management team to expand its business.
Gold Standard seizes the day
With its new production line, the company now produces 10 million croissants a week with room to grow and better serve its customers.