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Exploring gums and hydrocolloids part 1
Know your gums to know their best applications, say experts from Gum Technology.

How to balance chemical leavening part 1
Calcium can be a plus factor when switching leavening ingredients, says expert from Innophos.

Quality of shelf life
Isomaltulose in glazes can extend the appeal of iced donuts.

Staying ahead of the protein game
Formulators who explore protein enhancements will gain a clear advantage.

Energy crisis
In the ‘battle of the bulge,’ formulators seek solutions to simultaneously reduce added sugars and calories.

Frying the non trans way part 3
Expert from Bunge Oils looks at the challenges of formulating baked foods and snacks when moving away from partially hydrogenated oils.

Fibers new bakery look part 2
Tate & Lyle expert describes the usefulness of soluble corn fiber in bakery formulations.

Taking a new look at enzymes part 5
Protease enzymes should get more interest in clean-label applications, says Enzyme Development Corp. expert.

Rye revival
Rye provides bakers positive health benefits and ancient grain appeal.

Setting the stage
Premixes help simplify the nutrient-addition process.

Not-so-secret ingredients
Standing in for gluten’s structure and texture isn’t the only thing that gums and hydrocolloids do.

How to formulate for gluten-free part 6
Experts from Cargill look at the practical side of gluten-free formulating.

How to get smart about salt, part 3
Expert from Smart Salt examines a recently introduced salt reduction system based on taste enhancement.

Get ready variety syrups part 2
Clean-label, non-GMO and organic advantages apply to variety syrups, says Ciranda expert.

Naturally colorful
Technological improvements throw open the doors to baked foods with clean label colors.

Gluten-free functionality
TIC Gums’ new line of products can bring back what gluten takes with it.

Every little bit counts
With chemical leavening, formulators must strike the right balance to reduce sodium and maintain process functionality.

Frying the non-trans way part 3
Expert from ADM Oils details the rising number of choices when moving away from partially hydrogenated oils for fried baked foods and snacks.

Fibers new bakery look part 1
Cereal grains as fiber sources benefit many baked foods, says Ardent Mills expert.

Why inulin acts as fiber and sweetener
Expert from BENEO answers questions about the status of inulin as a dietary fiber and its role as a low-intensity sweetener.

Salt with buzz
Flaked kosher sea salt — an ingredient familiar to label-reading consumers — offers uncommon advantages to bakers and snack food makers.

Record stress
With the looming implementation of FSMA regulations, bakers prepare for the mountains of paperwork that could greet them.

Fiber for the future
Advances in fiber enable formulators to pack baked goods with fiber without impacting taste.

Get ready variety syrups part 1
Tapioca and agave syrups bring interesting opportunities to baked foods, according to Ingredion expert.

Taking a new look at enzymes part 4
Xylanases and a new protease are examined by an expert from Puratos.