News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Rejiggering calories requires an ingredient balancing act
Because so many consumers look first at calorie content when making a purchase decision, formulators need to address the sugar and fat content of baked foods.
Study: Few consumers know how to lose weight
They don’t know much about what to do, and their information sources prove it.
Adding nutrients to kids’ diets, part 1
Expert from Caravan Ingredients provides insight into fortifying baked foods for children.
Improving digestive health, part 6
International Fiber Corp. expert offers insight into formulating products with insoluble fiber.
Prepare for a whole grain future, part 4
Expert from SK Food International answers questions about whole grain formulations.
Crop tour eyes 2012 conditions for hard winter wheat
An eyewitness report from a Baking & Snack editor describes development of the wheat crop in the Central Plains.
Cuts sodium, keeps flavor
New technology takes away potassium chloride’s bitter taste and slashes salt 33 to 50% in baked foods without sacrificing flavor or functionality.
Fairytale Brownies makes a commitment to kids’ playtime
Mail-order baker finds a way to improve the health of children through the KaBOOM! nonprofit builder of playgrounds.
For some children, too little food is also a concern
Food insecurity affects 16 million kids, according to USDA.
Going for the real thing
Real fruits and nuts provide nutritional enhancement and a clean label.
How to achieve nut flavor without the allergens
QualiTech offers a solution to peanuts' allergen and supply problems.
Inclusions offer a bit of help
Formulators working with fruits and nuts find relief with pre-formed particulates.
Kids’ health needs urgent care from product formulators
When developing foods to improve the health of the next generation, bakers and snack food makers must provide nutrients necessary to well-being but avoid loading on the calories.
What’s the best approach to making foods healthy for children?
An expert panel at IFT advises: ‘nutrient dense but energy light.’
Lowering sodium with leaveners, part 3
Expert from Church and Dwight provides insight on cutting sodium while retaining product quality.
Enhanced enzymes emerge
Biotechnology allows development of more sophisticated enzymes for baking.
Enzymes work behind the scenes
Because enzymes behave in highly specific ways, they act as consistently effective functional ingredients yet are all but invisible to consumers.
Form and function for fortification
How to select the optimal medium for fortifying with fruits and vegetables.
How to fortify the natural way
Fruits and vegetables not only beautify foods, they can fortify them with important nutrients.
Putting fruit through the extruder
Researchers learn that fruit and vegetable ingredients improve the nutrient quality of extruded snacks.
Speaking of ORAC
Measurements of antioxidant content don’t do well at predicting behavior in the body.
Tomatoes appeal to the fifth and sixth tastes
Tomato-based ingredients provide antioxidants that aid eye health and flavor enhancers that reduce the need for salt.
Weight control via resistant potato starch
A new resistant starch derived from potatoes can cut calories, hold down glycemic index and raise the fiber level of baked foods.
Why kale is hot, hot, hot
Can formulators take advantage of the sudden popularity of a bold-flavored, leafy green vegetable?
Delivering probiotics, part 2
Expert from Lallemand offers insight into microencapsulation for probiotics.