News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Tech showcase: Nutritive sweeteners
Examining the options for sugars and carbohydrate syrups on the market.
Ways to cut sodium, part 1
Expert from AB Mauri answers questions about sodium-reduction strategies.
How to get the flour you need, part 2
Experts from Horizon Milling offer insight on choosing the right flour.
Prepare for a whole grain future, part 3
Expert from Dakota Specialty Milling answers questions about whole grain formulations.
Committing to New Product Research
Ingredient suppliers invest in R&D centers to collaborate with baking and snack companies.
Equipment and ingredient companies innovate together
Reading Bakery Systems works with ingredient companies to develop new products for customers.
Growing beyond a flour mill
Bay State Milling's new innovation center takes the company from miller to supplier.
Honey boosts the image of baked foods
Bakers can leverage the natural, clean-label appeal of honey by using it in liquid and dry forms in baked foods.
How to evaluate nutritive sweeteners for bakery and snack uses
Functionality comes first, but flavor and consumer appeal can trump that choice.
Science panel debates sugar at experimental biology meeting
Can the body tell the difference between sucrose and HFCS? A panel at the American Society of Nutrition’s conference on experimental biology took up the issue.
Separating sweetener fact from fiction
Functionality, cost considerations and consumer demands all influence bakers' and snack manufacturers' sweetener selection.
Soluble, Insoluble Fiber Blended to Balance
Nexira starts with all-natural acacia gum, one of the first hydrocolloids to be used in foods, and combines it with gluten-free wheat fiber via a proprietary process to make Equacia, a balanced fiber for bakery and snack applications.
USDA acts to relieve a potential shortfall in sugar
By easing import restrictions on raw and refined sugar, USDA addressed concerns about adequate supply for domestic use.
Delivering probiotics, part 1
Expert from Barry Callebaut offers insight into chocolate as a vehicle for probiotics.