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The many uses of purple corn
The benefits of purple corn reach far and wide thanks to anthocyanins.

Resistant starch functionality
Resistant starches are the easiest of the insoluble dietary fibers to use because they tend to be non-hygroscopic and exhibit low water-binding capabilities.

Intro to prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics
Use this primer to make sure you know the difference.

Going nutty in more ways than one
Nuts can be paired with distinctive and new flavor combinations that today’s consumers’ crave.

Starch's health benefits
Resistant starch added to baked foods and snacks holds many surprising health perks.

Fruits and nuts build product appeal
Here’s why you should experiment with combinations of fruits and nuts in your formulations.

Starch: The secret weapon
Take another look at resistant starch when working to boost the dietary fiber content of baked foods and snacks.

Reasons to choose cherries
With functional and nutritional benefits, Montmorency tart cherries also deliver a note of indulgence with their flavor, texture and visual appeal.

AIB offers FSMA help
How do you know your ovens provide the FSMA kill step for food pathogens? AIB International helps you calculate the answer.

Simple Mills puts health center stage
Chicago-based company seeks to bring the quality and health-consciousness associated with store perimeters to the center aisle.

Puratos nearly doubles its sourdough library
The American collection grows by 12 samples.

How hydrocolloids aid stability
Icings and glazes depend on gums to function properly.

New horizons for craft baking
Wheat Montana flourishes as a small, nimble bakery with the freedom to innovate.

Water icing applications
Glazes and water icings have many purposes in the baking world.

Theresa Cogswell offers IBIE advice
Here are tips about what to look for at IBIE 2016 and how to make the most of the show … with a few insights from Albert Einstein, too.

Problems with protein
When formulating baked goods with extra protein, bakers need to be aware of pitfalls that can make high-protein products difficult to machine.

Applications for malt extract
Derived from barley, an ancient grain, malt extract carries a modern message about nutrition.

Whole grains: Making the conversion
What does it take to recast bakery favorites into whole grain formats?

Americans still sweet on sweet goods
The US love affair with indulgence remains strong as ever when simple treats provide rewards for everyday feats.

PHO removal prompts innovation
With the target date for PHO removal looming, an increasing supply of alternative oils and new emulsifiers now assists food companies in the effort.

Labeling laws: The big questions
IBIE convenes at a time of rapid change for ingredient labeling laws as more consumers ask about the content of their foods.

Salt's roll in product appearance
Salt plays a role not only in yeast stabilization, structure building and flavor but also in the look of a product.

Corn masa gets a folic boost
The Food and Drug Administration approved folic acid fortification of corn masa flour.

How elevation affects baking performance
The higher up you go, the more difference you’ll see in finished baked foods.

Salt's roll in flavor enhancement
When salt is absent, taste is the first thing to go.