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Inclusions leave lasting impressions
Crunchy pea-protein bits join specialty grain and flavor, color inclusions to make products look and taste better.

Post-PHO emulsifiers change the game
Palm offers promise, with sustainable palm getting the nod.

Application-specific shortenings for post-PHO success
Blends tap the various benefits of multiple base oils.

Special bakers yeast strain cuts acrylamide risk
By consuming the amino acid asparagine, it removes the carcinogen’s precursor compound.

New realities in fats and oils
The type of application will drive the choice of base oil and the shortening that results.

Many factors to replacing PHOs
The base oil has the most impact on product performance.

Benefits of "no-sugar-added" sweeteners
Inulin and isomaltulose don't contribute added sugars to formulations, but are naturally sweet.

Yeast's nutritional benefits
Baker's yeast provides some unique functions, from fighting carcinogens to offering a boost of vitamins.

Inulin, a highly studied prebiotic
Recent scientific research proves the worth of inulin in the diets of children and prediabetics.

Mother nature's sweeteners
Bakery formulators search for options to cope with the need to declare ‘added sugars’ on package labels.

Theresa Cogswell breaks down the importance of enriched flour
The trend among bakers to move away from enriched flour raises troubling questions.

Getting creative with yeast
Bakers yeast not only leavens baked foods but also serves them functionally to enable creative solutions.

Multifaceted Brazilian cheese bread mix offers bakers countless opportunities
Brazilian cheese bread mix brings clean-label, gluten-free and non-GMO alternatives to North America.

Natural flavors meet ethnic trends
Spicy and ethnic flavors continue to trend upward, but not just any heat will do.

Chocolate suppliers meet community needs
Independent programs provide additional assistance to farmers and their neighborhoods.

Steeplechase to great taste
Consumer demand for recognizable ingredients drives the switch to natural flavors and colors. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some hurdles to overcome first.

Sustainability and chocolate
Consumers expect more from their food, including sustainable sourcing.

The many uses of purple corn
The benefits of purple corn reach far and wide thanks to anthocyanins.

Resistant starch functionality
Resistant starches are the easiest of the insoluble dietary fibers to use because they tend to be non-hygroscopic and exhibit low water-binding capabilities.

Intro to prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics
Use this primer to make sure you know the difference.

Going nutty in more ways than one
Nuts can be paired with distinctive and new flavor combinations that today’s consumers’ crave.

Starch's health benefits
Resistant starch added to baked foods and snacks holds many surprising health perks.

Fruits and nuts build product appeal
Here’s why you should experiment with combinations of fruits and nuts in your formulations.

Starch: The secret weapon
Take another look at resistant starch when working to boost the dietary fiber content of baked foods and snacks.

Reasons to choose cherries
With functional and nutritional benefits, Montmorency tart cherries also deliver a note of indulgence with their flavor, texture and visual appeal.