News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Americans still sweet on sweet goods
The US love affair with indulgence remains strong as ever when simple treats provide rewards for everyday feats.

Labeling laws: The big questions
IBIE convenes at a time of rapid change for ingredient labeling laws as more consumers ask about the content of their foods.

PHO removal prompts innovation
With the target date for PHO removal looming, an increasing supply of alternative oils and new emulsifiers now assists food companies in the effort.

Salt's roll in product appearance
Salt plays a role not only in yeast stabilization, structure building and flavor but also in the look of a product.

Corn masa gets a folic boost
The Food and Drug Administration approved folic acid fortification of corn masa flour.

How elevation affects baking performance
The higher up you go, the more difference you’ll see in finished baked foods.

Salt's roll in flavor enhancement
When salt is absent, taste is the first thing to go.

Salt for gluten strengthening
Salt plays a major roll in baking, especially when it comes to structure.

Foodservice sandwich trends
From the bold to the fancy, sandwiches on foodservice menus are catching eyes and turning profits.

In pursuit of lifestyle nutrients
Most demographic segments can use a fortified boost of nutrients essential to optimal performance. Bakers can help.

Organic, muscled-up gluten and starches
Vital wheat gluten and wheat starches, certified organic, supply the boost.

Salt as a yeast stabilizer
Even as a "small" ingredient in bakery formulation, salt carries a big weight from a functional perspective.

Going non-GMO, sustainable with new ingredients
As today’s world becomes more interconnected, issues of sustainable sourcing arise.

Pantry-friendly lecithin
When it comes to clean label, lecithin is hard to beat.

Delicious and nutritious?
In an era of healthy mindsets and better-for-you options, indulgence doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Nimble sweet treats
Dessert endures sweeping changes in consumers’ eating habits by being quick in adapting to change.

Emulsifier innovations
Food technologists have made great advances in replacing PHOs in emulsifiers.

Bean based nutrition
With pulse concentrates and flours, bakers and snack producers can hit all the hottest health trends.

Replacing PHOs in emulsifiers
Bakers challenge emulsifier suppliers to get rid of PHO-based materials but keep the performance.

Spotlight on inclusions
Little extras go a long way to make baked foods more appealing.

Let's talk organogels
Natural waxes may open another door to replacing trans fats without increasing saturated fats.

Frozen/par-baked trends
Savvy bakers find golden opportunities by developing on-trend frozen and par-baked goods while partnering with customers in almost every conceivable channel.

Shortening 'mix tape'
Enzymatic intersterification separates fatty acid components and reassembles them.

Clean label is here to stay
Clean-eating trends among consumers demand clean-label approaches to bakery formulating.

Phasing out PHOs
As FDA downgrades partially hydrogenated oils, formulators need to upgrade their knowledge of a new generation of shortening blends.