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Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 4
Great for gluten-free products, gums are getting more overall use in baked foods, say experts from TIC Gums.
Flavors make it better
Flavor ingredients bring baked goods and snack foods to life.
Label-friendly lecithin
Sunflower seeds plant the groundwork for a new alternative in the face of non-GMO demand.
Starches meet challenges in more ways than one
Starches solve problems for gluten-free foods and lend their texturizing capabilities to many other bakery categories.
Why adding starch can help a forumula
Why add starch when so much is present in the flour already?
Taking a new look at emulsifiers, part 3
Experts from DuPont Nutrition & Health discuss how to select emulsifiers that bring up the performance of baked products made with trans-free shortenings.
How to balance chemical leavening, part 4
Let your target application determine your sodium-replacement system, says expert from Corbion Caravan.
Clean and functional
Bakers turn to two old reliables to reformulate their products and make them more on-trend.
Compound interest
Compounds with color and flavor options like mint or strawberry can help bakers create products they can’t with pure chocolate.
The case for nuts
Nutritional benefits that give nuts their healthy halo add to the eye and taste appeal they already provide baked foods and snacks.
The new look of bakery lab instruments
Gluten-free baked foods can really test a formulator’s ingenuity, but working with the right instrument helps achieve workable answers.
Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 3
Hydrocolloids accomplish a variety of functions in gluten-free and clean-label formulations, says expert from DuPont Nutrition & Health.
Nuts: diverse flavors, wide appeal
A handful of nut ingredients can make all the difference to the appeal of bakery product introductions.
Working with proteins, part 3
Wheat proteins prove their advantages in flour-based foods.
How to balance chemical leavening, part 3
Cost and functionality figure into the formulator’s decision, says expert from AB Mauri.
Get ready variety syrups, part 3
Alternative syrups enable “free from” formulating of baked foods, says expert from Malt Products Corp.
Working with proteins, part 2
Here’s why soy protein improves baked foods.
Answering demand
Improved dry milling process now prepares true whole grain corn flour, complete with bran and germ.
Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 2
Cellulose gums prove functional in gluten-free baked foods, says expert from J. Rettenmaier.
From prediction to prevention
FARP co-directors offer a glimpse into the crystal ball of controls.
Icing on the cake
Chocolate and cocoa ingredients add indulgence and health benefits to baked goods.
Making products PHO-free
The potential for PHOs to lose their GRAS status forces baking’s last holdouts to work with suppliers to find customized solutions for their shortenings challenges.
How to balance chemical leavening, part 2
Multiple factors must be considered, says expert from ICL Food Specialties.
Working with proteins, part 1
Dairy proteins exhibit special affinity for baked foods, say experts from Agropur Ingredients.
Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 1
Know your gums to know their best applications, say experts from Gum Technology.