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Exploring salt’s bakery functions, part 1
Expert from Morton Salt compares bakery results for sodium chloride vs. potassium chloride.
Close the fiber gap
Resistant maltodextrins lift whole grain foods into higher-fiber categories.
How to use variety flours, part 2
Pulse flours prove versatile in baked foods, especially gluten-free applications, according to an expert from the Canadian International Grains Institute.
Lighten the load
How to shed the sodium burden when leavening baked foods by chemical methods.
Tarnish forming on aluminum, too?
SALP may be out for bakers in Europe.
The not-so-secret weapon
As today’s consumers continue to seek health benefits in their baked foods, protein packs a healthful punch.
Fry with stability
Shortenings and oils continue to evolve to meet customer and consumer demands.
How to formulate for gluten-free, part 1
Expert from Ingredient considers options for making baked foods without gluten.
Next up: high-oleic, high-stearic sunflower
This new oil offers lower saturated fats with greater solids content.
Hydrocolloids and the real world, part 2
With some bakery-friendly gums in short supply, here’s practical advice on where to go from here.
Feeling fuller, longer
Weight management goes much better with products formulated to support satiety and satisfaction.
How to benefit from honey’s basic values, part 1
Honey’s popularity makes it an ideal bakery ingredient, notes expert from National Honey Board.
More than molasses
When seeking alternatives to molasses and corn syrup, it’s all about the label.
Most of us: not-so-healthy eaters
NPD Group report shows eating habits don’t line up with perception.
Powered by protein
High-protein claims gain ground on high fiber in the bread aisle.
Get smart about salt
Bakers face a formulating dilemma: how to maintain salt’s functionality but replace its sodium, at least in part.
And then there’s ‘lower gluten’
Could ancient wheats pose less of a risk to gluten-sensitive people?
What’s new among antioxidants and preservatives, part 6
Expert from Kemin discusses a new natural ingredient that protects against oxidative rancidity.
Great gluten-free expectations
Formulators must target great taste and work to build crumb structure and keep quality in the absence of gluten.
Instead of one good egg
Award-winning egg replacer gives bakers a uniquely formulated, clean, cost-effective alternative.
Serve and protect
Bakers can save by using encapsulated fumaric acid as a mold inhibitor.
How to benefit from malt’s basic values, part 1
Expert from Briess Malt & Ingredients considers.
Extending honey with inulin
There’s a nutritional benefit, too: extra fiber.
Hydrocolloids and the real world, part 1
With some bakery-friendly gums in short supply, here’s practical advice on where to go from here.
Change of course
Emulsifiers drive texture and shelf life when baked foods travel trans-free and low-fat routes.