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Benefiting from chemical leavening Part 2
Making the right choice is essential to finished quality

Chemical leavening in three acts
Chemical leavening affects products before the oven, in finished products and on the shelf.

Suppliers design PHO-free shortenings
When FDA pulled the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils, innovation in bakery shortenings cranked up and multiplied formulating choices.

Label-friendly functionality
With high levels of natural humectants and sweeteners, prune ingredients provide health and function.

FDA to review PHO food additive petition
The Grocery Manufacturers Association seeks approval for specific use of PHOs.

Deciphering the alphabet soup
When it comes to leavening acids, being able to interpret acronyms is critical.

Benefiting from chemical leavening Part 1
Multi-faceted ingredients can alter color, flavor and texture for the good, says expert from Innophos.

Leavening systems provide multiple functions
Chemical leavening helps control color, texture and flavor of baked foods

Translucency in tortillas
Chemical leavening helps to give tortillas the right appearance.

South Trending North
"Sweet brown" flavors evoking Latin America's rich culinary traditions can perk up baked foods.

The untapped potential of ancient grains
Ancient grains such as barley, rye and millet still have plenty of untried uses.

Whole grains today and tomorrow
Fifteen years after whole grains pushed their way to the head of the line in bakery formulating, there's still plenty of unlocked potential.

Permeates potential
Dairy product solids are making major inroads in product development.

Curds and then theres whey
Whey ingredients have many surprising uses within the baked goods industry.

Flavor protein matters
Natural, clean-label dairy-derived flavors can contribute function as well as nutrition.

First comes milk
Milk offers a nutrient powerhouse to humans and a myriad of other applications to bakers.

Beverages get baked
Drink-inspired flavors and ingredients make their way into cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

Stability via emulsifier
Emulsifiers offer solutions to the PHO problem.

Exerting self control
Fungal glucose oxidase oxidizes, but doesn’t over-oxidize, doughs to aid moulding and makeup performance.

An ethnic twist
Regional flavors breathe new life into American classics.

Heating things up
Peppers add excitement to savory and sweet baked goods.

Fresh from the farm
Artisan cheeses and complex fruit combinations gain popularity.

The shortening conundrum
Shortening producers seek alternatives to PHOs in response to growing health concerns.

Layers and fusions
Consumers push for bolder, more complex flavors.

Answers to the egg crisis Pat 8
Expert recommends a four-step process to replace eggs in sweet goods.