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First comes milk
Milk offers a nutrient powerhouse to humans and a myriad of other applications to bakers.

Beverages get baked
Drink-inspired flavors and ingredients make their way into cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

Stability via emulsifier
Emulsifiers offer solutions to the PHO problem.

An ethnic twist
Regional flavors breathe new life into American classics.

Fresh from the farm
Artisan cheeses and complex fruit combinations gain popularity.

Exerting self control
Fungal glucose oxidase oxidizes, but doesn’t over-oxidize, doughs to aid moulding and makeup performance.

Heating things up
Peppers add excitement to savory and sweet baked goods.

Layers and fusions
Consumers push for bolder, more complex flavors.

The shortening conundrum
Shortening producers seek alternatives to PHOs in response to growing health concerns.

Answers to the egg crisis Pat 8
Expert recommends a four-step process to replace eggs in sweet goods.

Clean alternatives help bakers reduce sugar
Bakers and suppliers naturally prepare for an added sugars declaration on the Nutrition Facts panel.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 9
Expert explains that with the right choice, no formula adjustments are needed when using egg replacers.

Leavening agents bring lift to baked goods
By fitting the right leavening agent to the right product, bakers can the get the most out of their chemical leavening system.

Corbion Caravan extends shelf life for bread
The award-winning enzyme blend lengthens the life of a loaf of bread by seven days.

Gums keep baked goods together
Versatile hydrocolloids solve a host of problems in a variety of applications.

Probiotics can improve protein use
Research shows that when consumed with probiotics, protein’s inherent benefits increase.

Probiotics, prebiotics work in synergy
Proper probiotic selection and application can ease the challenges they present to baking.

Bay States sprouted grains sprout new benefits
The milling company perfects the germination process of its BeneGrain flours.

First commercial allulose helps bakers reduce calories
Allulose debuts commercially and provides bakers a way to reduce calories while maintaining taste.

Sodium-cutting strategies and tactics part 2
Many paths lead to success, according to expert from AB Mauri.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 7
Whole algal flour makes a potent egg replacer, according to two experts from Solazyme.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 6
Among the choices for egg replacers is citrus-based fiber that acts as a drop-in alternative, according to expert from Fiberstar.

Chocolate persists in its appeal
Chocolate’s high appeal to consumers makes its temperamental handling qualities all the more challenging.

Bakers choose chocolate vs confectionery
Chocolate and confectionery coatings bring different functionalities to a baker’s formulation.

Mondelez invests in the cocoa life
The company’s sustainability program brings aid to more than 100 Indonesian communities.