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Chocolate persists in its appeal
Chocolate’s high appeal to consumers makes its temperamental handling qualities all the more challenging.

Bakers choose chocolate vs confectionery
Chocolate and confectionery coatings bring different functionalities to a baker’s formulation.

Bakeries claim fiber to get consumer attention
Grain-based foods have a natural affinity for fiber, which may need to be added to meet consumer expectations.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 5
Because egg prices may likely to remain high, an expert from Puratos suggests continued use of egg replacers into the future.

High cost for real eggs
What does the future hold for eggs and egg replacers?

Answers to the egg crisis Part 4
Corbion Caravan expert reports moist texture and pleasant product flavors from use of egg replacers.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 3
Because egg levels vary by type of baked foods, adjustment with egg replaces will, too, note experts Agropur Ingredients.

Answers to the egg crisis
It's important that egg replaces mimic all the functional properties of eggs, according to BreadPartners expert.

Formulating the future
AACC International gauges progress in the science of grain-based foods by looking ahead while honoring its past 100 years.

Built to last
Enzymes offer a clean solution to extended shelf life.

Inclusions add jazz
Improvisation with toppings and inclusions manipulates their flavor, color, texture and even ingredient components.

Bakers take eggs-treme measures
Bird flu hit egg supplies hard this year, and now the hunt is on for ways to extend the quantities still available — or replace them altogether. Many questions arise.

Answers to the egg crisis Part 1
Expert from Ingredion shares ideas for replacing scarce liquid and dried eggs.

What about angel food
Egg replacement won't come easily for this popular bakery product.

How do egg replacers work
Different applications call for different approaches.

Malt meets bread
A new use for an old standby ingredient in distilling results in a flour that improves machinability, flavor and aroma.

Ingredients to the rescue
Superfruits and supernuts can help formulators build healthier, in-demand baked goods and snacks.

The clean conundrum
It’s a trend now firmly entrenched in everyday shopping, but what does it mean? And how long will it last?

Gluten-free Delicious and nutritious
Developments among ingredients for gluten-free foods have improved taste profile and the nutrition label.

Fad trend or here to stay
Clean label moves into the mainstream bakery aisle and national food chains.

Sodium-cutting strategies and tactics part 2
Many paths lead to success, according to expert from AB Mauri.

The taste of authenticity
Flavor innovation creates snacks and baked foods that are the real deal.

Algal agility
Microalgae flour can help bakers churn out healthy products that don’t skimp on taste.

Innovative boosters
As protein continues to appeal to today’s consumers, formulators can choose among an ever-widening range of sources.