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How to benefit from honey’s basic values, part 1
Honey’s popularity makes it an ideal bakery ingredient, notes expert from National Honey Board.
Most of us: not-so-healthy eaters
NPD Group report shows eating habits don’t line up with perception.
Powered by protein
High-protein claims gain ground on high fiber in the bread aisle.
Get smart about salt
Bakers face a formulating dilemma: how to maintain salt’s functionality but replace its sodium, at least in part.
More than molasses
When seeking alternatives to molasses and corn syrup, it’s all about the label.
And then there’s ‘lower gluten’
Could ancient wheats pose less of a risk to gluten-sensitive people?
What’s new among antioxidants and preservatives, part 6
Expert from Kemin discusses a new natural ingredient that protects against oxidative rancidity.
Instead of one good egg
Award-winning egg replacer gives bakers a uniquely formulated, clean, cost-effective alternative.
Serve and protect
Bakers can save by using encapsulated fumaric acid as a mold inhibitor.
Great gluten-free expectations
Formulators must target great taste and work to build crumb structure and keep quality in the absence of gluten.
How to benefit from malt’s basic values, part 1
Expert from Briess Malt & Ingredients considers.
Extending honey with inulin
There’s a nutritional benefit, too: extra fiber.
Hydrocolloids and the real world, part 1
With some bakery-friendly gums in short supply, here’s practical advice on where to go from here.
Change of course
Emulsifiers drive texture and shelf life when baked foods travel trans-free and low-fat routes.
What’s happening in bakery and snack flavors, part 2
Experts from Edlong Dairy Technologies consider changes and opportunities.
Jumping Hoops
New USDA guidelines about snacks in schools may prove too restrictive, leaving some nutritious foods out of the loop.
Keep on track with FTRAC
In this special report, veterans of the baking industry discuss how ABA’s committees address food safety, nutrition labeling and other critical issues.
The brave new world of formulations
A lot has happened between Expos when it comes to formulating baked foods. Here’s a glimpse into trends present and yet to come.
Almonds offer snacking satisfaction
Almonds are baked products’ perfect partner with flavor, nutrition, health benefits and versatility.
Different flours bake differently
Here’s what formulators need to know about flours milled from variety grains including beans and lentils.
Triple threat in a whole grain
Help health-conscious consumers find what they’re looking for with a value-added product.
Whole grains for every palate
Bakers and snack producers get creative to meet consumers’ nutrition demands.
What is dry honey?
Depending on the applications, bakers have options when it comes to honey’s form.
Virtues and values of honey and malt
Honey and malt are ‘naturals’ for sweetening baked foods.
Diastatic, nondiastatic — what’s the difference?
Barley is an attractive tool for bakers when it’s used correctly.