News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Jumping Hoops
New USDA guidelines about snacks in schools may prove too restrictive, leaving some nutritious foods out of the loop.
Keep on track with FTRAC
In this special report, veterans of the baking industry discuss how ABA’s committees address food safety, nutrition labeling and other critical issues.
The brave new world of formulations
A lot has happened between Expos when it comes to formulating baked foods. Here’s a glimpse into trends present and yet to come.
Triple threat in a whole grain
Help health-conscious consumers find what they’re looking for with a value-added product.
Virtues and values of honey and malt
Honey and malt are ‘naturals’ for sweetening baked foods.
What is dry honey?
Depending on the applications, bakers have options when it comes to honey’s form.
Whole grains for every palate
Bakers and snack producers get creative to meet consumers’ nutrition demands.
What’s new among antioxidants and preservatives, part 5
Expert from ICL Food Specialties discusses a new natural ingredient that protects against oxidative rancidity.
How to spare the sugar in baked foods, part 2
Specialty carbohydrates derived from chicory roots and sugar beets bring more to the sugar-replacement table than sweetness alone, according to an expert from BENEO
Urban consumers underestimate salt intake
New research into consumer perception of salt intake finds worldwide uncertainty and confusion about consumption limits.
How to use variety flours, part 1
Rice flours prove versatile in baked foods, especially gluten-free applications, according to experts from PGP International.
A Sip of Satiety
Premeal snacks made with polydextrose help control appetite.
Clean-label egg replacement systems
Finding a suitable egg replacement might be easier than you think.
Farm-fresh goodness
The appeal of ‘real’ dairy and eggs extends to their bakery functionality, too.
Grains under the Microscope
Grain breeding and its implications — plus more — await experts gathering at Albuquerque for AACCI’s annual meeting, Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.
Lecithin: nature’s way to emulsify
When Mother Nature needed a way to mix oil and water, she created lecithin.
Making sure of sensory characteristics, part 2
How Tate & Lyle uses sensory science to address difficult formulating challenges.
How to spare the sugar in baked foods, part 1
Roquette expert explains how to use polyols to replace sugar in baked foods.
There’s a global flavor to emerging taste trends
McCormick announces its 2013 flavor forecast, identifying concepts that will drive flavor innovation.
What’s new in bakery shortenings, part 5
Experts from Caravan Ingredients describe a new structuring system for bakery shortenings that replaces solids previously supplied by partial hydrogenation or tropical oils.
A sip of satiety
Premeal snacks made with polydextrose help control appetite.
Different ingredients target the same goal: sodium reduction
Because salt adds so much savor to baked foods, it’s hard to replace, but formulators now have more alternative ingredients.
How to detour around sodium in leavening systems
Formulators can pick up calcium advantages with alternate leaveners.
Showing the way of dried plums
Give products a healthy boost with this surprise ingredient.
Variety Flours: On the ryes…and others
Different grains yield different flours, different performance, different products and different appeal to consumers.