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How flavors cover cuts in sugar, fat and salt
Formulators can make low-sugar and trans-fat-free foods much more appealing to consumers through smart flavor choices.
How to select starch ingredients, part 3
Expert from Cargill Texturizing Solutions examines options among native and modified starches.
Fiber closes the dietary deficit
Classified by solubility, fermentability, digestibility, purity and source, fiber happens to be a nutrient of concern in the American diet.
Going beyond ordinary roles for flavors in baked foods
Trends find consumers seeking nostalgic, comforting flavors as well as new, ethnic tastes
How to use flavors to enhance whole grain products
Careful flavor choices smooth out the rough edges.
Invisible fibers for baked foods
Some soluble fiber ingredients go undetected by consumers
Solving for solubility
When it comes to choosing a type of fiber, let the application dictate.
Why swap honey for sugar
Mother Nature’s most natural of all sweeteners can upgrade product image and flavor when cutting sugar in baked foods.
How to reduce sugar in baked foods, part 1
National Honey Board offers insight on how honey can cut sugar while adding flavor, aroma and shelf life benefits.
Savory flavors in baked foods and snacks, part 4
Consumers like their flavors both familiar and adventurous, according to Agneta Weisz of Comas Flavors.
Adding nutrients to kids’ diets, part 4
Expert from Ingredion provides insight into formulating healthy baked foods for children.
Lower sodium intake advice coming, predicts General Mills scientist
Global attention to sodium in the diet intensifies even as the company succeeds in cutting its presence in many foods.
New gums are settling in
Although some food gums face uncertain supply and price problems, a host of new blends — and reliable stalwarts — now answer the call.
Spare the sugar
Bakers can do it with the right alternative sweeteners and bulking agents.
Staging an upgrade
Inulin prompts better performance for whole wheat tortillas and cues higher fiber content.
What’s new in bakery shortenings, part 2
Expert from Ventura Foods offers insight on how fats, oils and bakery shortenings have changed to meet new consumer expectations.
Adding nutrients to kids’ diets, part 3
Expert from ConAgra Mills provides insight into formulating healthy baked foods for children.
Brand new opportunity
How General Mills expanded the Gardetto’s brand into the convenience store cracker aisle.
What’s new among antioxidants and preservatives, part 4
Expert from AB Mauri examines options in natural ingredient choices.
Improving digestive health, part 7
Expert from DuPont Nutrition & Health offers insight on the role of soluble dietary fiber.
Delivering probiotics, part 3
Expert from Cargill explains the benefits of probiotics from a health standpoint and offers insight on their use in baked foods.
Non-allergenic ingredient achieves shiny crusts on buns, bagels
Enzyme-treated starch gives baked foods the ‘egg wash’ touch without the eggs.
Different enzymes do different jobs
Enzyme classifications define their roles in baked foods.
Enzymes help bakers bake faster and better
Uses for enzymes in baked foods continue to grow because they simplify the baker’s job.
How to pick the right bakery shortening
It’s a matter of matching nutrition and functionality.