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How to adapt to special needs in food service
Niche bakeries help hospitals, schools and prisons meet allergen and special diet needs.

Cake Boss debuts at supermarkets
Dawn Food Products’ latest offering brings big personality from ‘Cake Boss’ star Buddy Valastro to store shelves.

Bakery fosters entrepreneurial spirit
Changing company-owned DSD routes to independent distributorships creates a ‘surge of energy’ at Amoroso’s Baking Co.

Managing and replacing fleet vehicles
Bakeries rely on walk-in vans for servicing daily DSD routes.

Turning hospital food to healthcare cuisine
Food directors in the medical field pursue upscale options.

Better service for fleets
Companies improve customer service.

Tips for troubleshooting todays bakery part 1
The Long Co. provides practical advice on a host of manufacturing issues that bakers encounter daily.

Following the LEEDer
Detailed energy models are crucial to achieving LEED Platinum status.

How to maximize performance
Consider all variables when considering an energy efficiency project.

Optimizing the sustainable path
Schulze & Burch reduces costs and stays competitive with sustainability.

Crackers enter an alternate dimension
Consumers turn to crackers in place of less healthy snacks.

VitaPizza takes pizza from enemy to friend
With half the calories and 70% less fat than traditional pizzas of the same size, VitaPizza from Vitalicious was formulated to help dieters enjoy their favorite food.

Implementing a social strategy
When applied strategically, social media can become an integral element in continuous improvement.

Gluten free breaks out
Alternative grains provide healthful nutrition profiles to take gluten-free crackers beyond mere analogs of traditional products.

Cultivating a green way of life
Schulze & Burch builds sustainable practices into the new norm.

The key to project success
Why sharing your functional control philosophy is important.

Making green by going green
Bakers can discover cool ideas and hot ways to save energy and make their operations more sustainable.

Finding funding for future growth
New Horizons reaches out to local officials to discover millions of dollars in government grants and financial assistance.

Managing your talent
How to maintain one of the most valuable assets of your plant: your employees.

Building a safer future
Companies anticipate future food safety regulations when designing and building today’s facilities.

New Horizons gets help from their friends
How the community helped New Horizons invest in expansion.

Pretzelizing the freezer case
Pretzel bread trend trickles down from fine dining to the home.

Pretzels pair with sweet or savory
Flavor preferences for pretzels seem to vary based on their shape.

Perfect pretzel pairings
Bakers discover the ideal flavors to combine with soft pretzels in a range of shapes and sizes.

Smart Portion moves to top of the class
Muffin Tops from Uncle Wally's receive extra credit for probiotics.