News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Providing a new green fleet alternative
The Green for Free program offers another option for using electric commercial vehicles.
Save fuel save money save resources
How to use recovered oven heat throughout your bakery.
How to optimize baking and snack lines
Conveying the benefits of integration.
Mentoring in modern times
How technology advances in the industry and beyond affect mentoring relationships.
How safe are you
Challenging facility and site security.
Taking the Heat
Bakeries find better ways to capture an oven’s waste heat and divert it to other systems to keep natural gas costs from going up in smoke.
Defining the program managers role
Defining the program manager's and project manager's roles.
Frito plant nears net zero
PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division focuses on renewable energy and water recovery.
Leading the Way with Mentoring
How mentoring can make or break a person’s career in the baking industry.
New perspective for New Horizons
How one bakery approached the challenge of heat recovery.
SFA Commemorates 75 Years
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to deliver keynote address at SNAXPO 2012.
Cloudy with a Chance of Health
Burgeoning consumer trends from 2011 will gain momentum in 2012, but the news isn’t all good for the industry.
Frequent Flyer
Albert Koch, Kraft Foods, travels the globe spreading his passion for people, products, property, the planet and profit.
Gluten-free holds its ground
Awareness of gluten intolerance and its popularity as a weight loss aid continue to encourage demand for gluten-free products.
Rising Again
BakingTech returns to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for the 88th annual American Society of Baking meeting.
Lessons learned and the next 10 years
How energy efficient are you?
Frito-Lay snack insights
The salty snack maker uses culinary inspiration to create innovative new products.
How to get a competitive edge
Engineering and project management outsourcing drive innovation and profitability in a global market.
Stake a Health Claim
Navigating FDA requirements and taking advantage of health claims can help companies ride the trend toward health.
Two safety birds one stone
How companies can comply with FSMA and GFSI at the same time.
Stake a Health Claim
Navigating FDA requirements and taking advantage of health claims can help companies ride the trend toward health.
Facts panel may get a face lift
FDA reviewing RACCs and other aspects of the Nutrition Facts Panel.
Health claims and WIC
Whole-grain health claims can put bakery products in the hands of 9 million new consumers.
Driving Out Costs
ABA’s Logistics Committee tackles tough challenges such as tray loss and higher fuel costs that directly affect the bottom line.
Sustainability From Crop to Cookie
Kraft Foods’ sustainability program has paid off big time, but the company now wants to take the next leap forward.