News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Bakeries outsource engineering services
Specialization brings focus to constructing new lines and facilities.

Managing your talent
How to maintain one of the most valuable assets of your plant: your employees.

Finding funding for future growth
New Horizons reaches out to local officials to discover millions of dollars in government grants and financial assistance.

Pack Expo sells out exhibit space
Attendees can check out the latest in packaging as well as processing systems Oct. 28-31.

How to achieve kosher certification
Addressing issues for food processing and project implementation.

How to enter the social media world
With smartphones, tablets and gadgets abounding, social media is quickly becoming king.

Effective control system simulation
Defining an appropriate level of software and hardware simulation to improve project startup.

Making a connection
How to leverage digital tools to best serve a bakery or snack food brand.

Wrapping up school lunches
Mission Foodservice responds to new school lunch standards with whole-grain-rich wraps.

Perfect for Two creates perfect harmony
New pastries from Skinner Baking hit all the right notes for in-store bakery consumers.

Flatbreads stretch the bread category
As loaf bread sales decline, tortillas and flatbreads hope to become the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The outsourcing checklist
Your guide to filling gaps in your engineering and operations teams.

AIB on building a clean slate
AIB’s new FS 360 program takes a hands-on approach to identifying sanitation issues and training employees.

Science sun sand at AACCI annual meeting
AACC International’s annual meeting considers the state of cereal science and the formulation of grain-based foods when it convenes Sept. 30.

How to optimize dryer and oven energy performance
Evaluating the design, operation, maintenance and sanitation of your dryer and oven.

A world of innovation at iba
Dieter Dohr and Peter Becker weigh in on this year's show.

How to streamline startup
Developing and managing your project startup team.

New products launch trends
Bakery product introductions tease value-driven consumers and niche products.

Trends ebb and flow in the bakery
In the shifting tides of supermarket, food service and in-store bakery sales, one channel’s loss emerges as another’s gain.

TIA Doubles down
Tortilla group holds annual expo at Caesars for a second year running.

A walk on the wild side
Brown and wild rice combine to provide 12 g whole grains per serving of Shearer’s Foods’ Wild Riceworks crisps.

How to profit from sustainability efforts
Network allows companies to monetize their waste streams and improve their bottom line.

How to avoid small product losses
Take these simple steps to improve line profitability.

How to make DSD more efficient
Lowering operating costs and streamlining production.

BCMA conference pushes process control
Achieving sustainable efficiency in snack production.