News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Packaging The Road to Recovery
Reducing the waste stream with better and more affordable, sustainable packaging materials.
How to make the most of new equipment
A disciplined approach to equipment purchase specification benefits all parties.
Getting ahead of the learning curve
The Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association correspondence course helps crack the code of cookies and crackers.
Nebulous world of recycling
New labeling program strives to clear the confusion for consumers.
Canada Bread sets ambitious goals in 2012
Richard Lan, president and CEO of Canada Bread and COO of Maple Leaf Foods, offers an exclusive interview.
Keeping Breakfast in Balance
To reach consumers first thing in the morning, companies must juggle convenience, price and health.
Superfruits to the rescue
Crunch Fruit & Nut bars from thinkThin deliver protein and antioxidants without the sugar kick.
How coffee drives breakfast decisions
Consumers' loyalty toward coffee brands is beginning to influence where they breakfast.
Cap Ex remains right on target
Baking & Snack’s 19th Annual Capital Spending Survey predicts greater focus on strategic investments with heavy emphasis on new product introductions, increasing productivity and quick return on investment.
Cap Ex gets back on target
New products return as the main impetus for capital investment in 2012.
Explaining the five Ss
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Expanding breakfast breads
How Ozery Bakery hopes to fill a gap in the breakfast eating occasion.
Simplifying line design
How to maximize efficiencies with personnel flow and ergonomics.
Another Test
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Question everything with lean manufacturing
How Hostess Brands moves to operate more efficiently.
Considerations for site selection
How to choose where to grow with your business.
Cleaning up with ANSI
In 2012, the industry plans to take a big step with the update of the ANSI standard for the sanitary design of bakery equipment.
Providing a new green fleet alternative
The Green for Free program offers another option for using electric commercial vehicles.
Save fuel save money save resources
How to use recovered oven heat throughout your bakery.
How to optimize baking and snack lines
Conveying the benefits of integration.
Mentoring in modern times
How technology advances in the industry and beyond affect mentoring relationships.
How safe are you
Challenging facility and site security.
Taking the Heat
Bakeries find better ways to capture an oven’s waste heat and divert it to other systems to keep natural gas costs from going up in smoke.
Defining the program managers role
Defining the program manager's and project manager's roles.
Frito plant nears net zero
PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division focuses on renewable energy and water recovery.