News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Educating Consumers
Bakers teach how to stretch one loaf of artisan bread.

A Chance for Change
ABA’s commodities committee chair foresees better chances for reform that could benefit the whole industry in this volatile environment.

GM gets moving again
New realities in the commodities market and scientific advances prompt a general shift in attitude toward the development of biotech wheat.

GM wheat here and abroad
A global view of genetic modification.

Global debate on GM wheat
How the world views genetic modification.

FritoLay makes recycling pay
How byproducts can become raw ingredients.

In-store Bakery vs Bread Aisle
Numbers show the aisle sales still beat in-store bakeries.

Artisan Bread Ahead of Its Time
Popular food trends catch up to the artisan bread industry, boosting its market potential.

Educating Consumers
Bakers teach how to stretch one loaf of artisan bread.

Snyders Lance delivers on solar power promise
How the company expects to save close to 30% of its energy costs.

When WalMart speaks suppliers act
How the retail giant is leading the industry into sustainable practices.

ABA new website focuses on sustainability
How to find resources to increase your bakery's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

Picking the Ripe Fruit
How to make sure your company's sustainability efforts don't end up hurting the business in the long run.

Contract manufacturing FAQ and tips
What's the difference between private label, contract manufacturing and contract packaging?

Social media marketing at warp speed
Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to build your baking and snack food brand.

Down But Not Out
Today’s weak economy tops the list of issues affecting the food industry, but emerging trends show signs of life.

GMO-free foods gaining ground
How consumers respond to genetically modified foods.

How to fundamentally change the course of your business
PepsiCo and Frito-Lay serve as a model for sustainability programs.

Labor and training help
Baking and snack companies can find resources for running their businesses.

In the Food Quarter
A jampacked 2011 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans, LA, will feature more than 100 educational sessions on all aspects of the food industry.

Carbon emissions and how they are determined
How to measure your company's carbon footprint.

Navigating the language of sustainability
A map to common terms organizations and initiatives related to the green movement.

BCMA holds sustainability summit
Industry forces gathered in Dallas, Texas, in May for the first summit on sustainable practices.

Employers green up workspaces
A look at how the green movement is spreading among American companies.

Locating the Low Hanging Fruit
Using the proper tools, bakers and snack producers can identify simple strategic investments to lower overhead and energy costs for the long run.