News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

BNEF announces fundraising campaign to support KSU Baking Scholarships, endowed chair
Launched at the IBIE 2016, BNEF's fundraising campaign seeks participation from baking industry individuals and corporations alike.

BEMA announces new branding
BEMA’s new branding campaign was announced this weekend at IBIE 2016.

Reiser begins major expansion of US headquarters
Reiser’s 60,000-sq-ft expansion will nearly double the size of its headquarters to support the growth of its business.

New partnership for Shick Solutions marries business and people
Joe Ungashick, Tim Cook and Didier Soumet express excitement about a shared vision of corporate culture and new global strategies for Shick Solutions.

IDEA Lab offers innovation, insight
Slated as a breeding ground for innovation, the IDEA Lab is a premier destination for IBIE 2016 attendees.

Cryogenic solutions enhance quality, shelf life
At IBIE 2016, Linde LLC is featuring proprietary cryogenic solutions that can simultaneously boost throughput and improve product quality.

TIA technical conference addresses industry growth
Tortilla Industry Association (TIA)’s technical conference, co-located at IBIE, the association is examining this growth and how to improve production and processes to meet growing demand.

Get a 'virtual' view of baking reality
AB Mauri North America will take IBIE visitors on a virtual journey through the world of baking.

Global growth: It's not easy
The global baking industry finds both opportunities and threats from acquisitions as well as value-added and better-for-you products.

Cookies and crackers: Peripheral vision
Smaller cookie and cracker manufacturers set their sights outside of the grocery store center aisles.

Something for everyone at IBIE
There’s no excuse for boredom while visiting Las Vegas for IBIE 2016.

On-the-go formats drive snack sales
Busy consumers are responding favorably to manufacturers catering to their hectic lifestyles.

Consumers continue to seek assurance in ethical claims
There are a wide variety of potential ethical claims, all with varying underlying narratives and all with varying degrees of necessity.

Last-minute IBIE checklist
Before heading out to Las Vegas and IBIE 2016, remember these essential tips to make your trip even more valuable.

From the bench to the oven
To send new products soaring, you need a good flight plan to taxi from the bench through the pilot plant to the oven … and beyond.

Top reasons to attend IBIE 2016
Long-time attendees share their perspectives on this must-attend event.

Infographic: Breaking down sustainable packaging
PMMI compiled information on how increasing public awareness on environmental issues has resulted in a greater demand for sustainable packaging and processing operations.

Snackers, not slackers: Packaging for millennials
Millennials snack often, seek healthy snacks in convenient, eye-catching packaging.

IBIE roundtable discussion
IBIE 2016 Committee reflects on their aspirations for what will be the largest, most diverse and most interactive bakery event ever.

AACCI Annual Meeting Preview
Plant-based nutrition, ‘big data’ and leadership development will be explored at this year’s AACC International annual meeting, Oct. 23-26 at Savannah, GA.

BEMA-U: Learn to train
In a new style of training workshop for BEMA member companies, teachers become the students

Pack Expo 2016 preview
Pack Expo 2016 aims to out-do itself as the ultimate destination for all things packaging.

Making sandwiches even more handy
Prepackaged sandwiches wrap up flavor and convenience for on-the-go consumers.

Asia Pacific outpaces North America in snacks
With China’s help, Asia Pacific is set to be the global heavy hitter in snack consumption by 2021.

Pack Expo 2016 preview
This year's conference aims to out-do itself as the ultimate destination for all things packaging.