News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Cannoli for all
Golden Cannoli’s chips are making the decadent dessert a household word.
A premium on health
Bakers of higher-end breads are dealing with an onslaught of new challenges of health-minded consumers.
State of the Snack Industry: Bold New World
Intense flavors, new products, busy lifestyles and more frequent snacking fuel sales.
AACCI From the baking perspective
AACC International plans a special three-part examination of baking science, technology and trends during its 2014 annual meeting.
Embracing the oxymoron
Eli’s Cheesecake disrupts the market with an all-new vegan dessert.
Shooting from the perimeter
Opportunities abound for those companies that go beyond the conventional bread and snack aisles with innovative products that push the right buttons.
Anything goes
A new age of multi-textured, multipurpose and boldly flavored products blurs lines and redefines the once-staid snack industry.
The DKB Way
Dave’s Killer Bread puts its own spin on honey wheat bread.
Bagels walk the line
The bagel category treads a narrow path between today’s two food trends of nutrition and indulgence while never quite fitting into either.
Savory strength and kindness
Kind Healthy Snacks’ new line is not just a product but also a movement.
The sweet spot
No matter the form, cakes, pies and other decadent treats deliver on consumers’ cravings for indulgence.
Taking a new look at enzymes, part 2
Bakers can better use enzymes by understanding their many functions.
A classic never goes out of style
Flowers Foods expands its Mrs. Freshley’s line with an old favorite.
Hitting the bars
Consumers turn to bars to satisfy cravings for more energy, simple ingredients and new flavors and textures.
IFT: A diamond of a show
In its 75th year, IFT celebrates the past, present and future of food science at its Annual Meeting and Food Expo, June 21-24 in New Orleans.
The state of snacking
Head of Snack Food Association weighs in on innovation, G.M.O. labeling.
Calling all ingredient innovation centers!
Baking & Snack plans a look at ingredient innovation centers launched in the past 24 months. Is yours one of these?
Bouncing to the next aisle
Brands extend their reach beyond their category of origin.
Business in the round
TIA’s upcoming annual convention proves tortilla business is anything but flat.
Cultivating relationships with consumers
By aggressively serving the needs of a specific demographic group, lifestyle brands transcend food and become a part of consumers’ lives and identities.
The GMO drum beats louder
As more foods go non-GMO, is such a label in your future, too? Maybe. Maybe not.
Survey: More bakers ‘firmly in the black’
2014 Capital Spending Survey shows a common risk-averse philosophy.
Fortifying the World
Making enrichment practical for bakers led John Watson and Watson, Inc. into fortification for nutritional improvement worldwide.
Bakers take pragmatic approach to investing
A strong IBIE 2013 leaves many companies wondering if 2014 is going to be the breakout year.
Bakers play to their strengths with capital spending
Here’s how seven bakeries made their capital work to respond to consumer and customer demands and bolster their presence in the market.