News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Top reasons to attend IBIE 2016
Long-time attendees share their perspectives on this must-attend event.

Infographic: Breaking down sustainable packaging
PMMI compiled information on how increasing public awareness on environmental issues has resulted in a greater demand for sustainable packaging and processing operations.

Snackers, not slackers: Packaging for millennials
Millennials snack often, seek healthy snacks in convenient, eye-catching packaging.

IBIE roundtable discussion
IBIE 2016 Committee reflects on their aspirations for what will be the largest, most diverse and most interactive bakery event ever.

AACCI Annual Meeting Preview
Plant-based nutrition, ‘big data’ and leadership development will be explored at this year’s AACC International annual meeting, Oct. 23-26 at Savannah, GA.

BEMA-U: Learn to train
In a new style of training workshop for BEMA member companies, teachers become the students

Making sandwiches even more handy
Prepackaged sandwiches wrap up flavor and convenience for on-the-go consumers.

Pack Expo 2016 preview
Pack Expo 2016 aims to out-do itself as the ultimate destination for all things packaging.

Asia Pacific outpaces North America in snacks
With China’s help, Asia Pacific is set to be the global heavy hitter in snack consumption by 2021.

Pack Expo 2016 preview
This year's conference aims to out-do itself as the ultimate destination for all things packaging.

IBIE Innovation Showcase preview
The 2016 IBIE Innovation Showcase offers new programs and ways to learn about technologies and products changing the industry.

Compostable packaging digs up buzz
The sustainable packaging alternative is emerging again as a trend in snack packaging.

Frozen and par-baked food trends
Savvy bakers find golden opportunities by developing on-trend frozen and par-baked goods while partnering with customers in almost every conceivable channel.

Social media supports product launches
Online marketing is helping bakers bring their creations to a larger audience.

Q&A: IBIE expands its global reach
Jorge Zárate, senior vice-president of operations for Bimbo Mexico and IBIE 2016 committee member, shares some strategies the committee is pursuing to continue expanding opportunities for international exhibitors and visitors.

International brand-smashers
Companies with the strongest brand recognition can survive their logo being removed from its advertising or packaging.

Green packaging gains momentum
Sustainability continues to be one of the top packaging trends of 2016.

Packaging affects health and wellness
As increasingly health-conscious consumers root out chemicals from their diets, packaging comes into play.

Social media impacts consumer habits
Access to digital food is changing how people plan meals and shop for products and ingredients.

Shattering the status quo with dirsuptive marketing
This isn’t your parents’ marketing style. Companies are breaking all the marketing norms — and letting consumers rewrite the rulebook.

Connecting with consumers
Wholesale bakers find big benefits by engaging with consumers via social media.

Puerto Rican eating trends
Mario Samoza lends insight into how Pan Pepin is capitalizing on the food interests of Puerto Rico.

Meeting preview: IFT 2016
Special sessions at global food technology event explore public perceptions about food and science.

The Hispanic view of health
Mintel research sheds light on how Hispanic residents of the US perceive their health.

New sports snacks aim to amp up performance
Portable, protein-packed snacks continue to give energy to athletes.