News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

A cultural phenomenon
With a burgeoning number of diverse ethnic baked goods, US consumers can experience a world of international cuisine without leaving their hometowns.

Hot button healthy vending
The push for more wholesome eating makes its way to the vending machine.

Exclusive survey explores packaging equipment trends
Companies invest in the latest in packaging innovations to better respond to consumer trends.

Health and wellness drive baking and snack
Growing demand for products that support healthy and sustainable lifestyles presents opportunities for baking and snack manufacturers

Reducing the ripple effect
Innovators seek to solve the problems of rippling and tailing in the manufacturing of chocolate coated bars.

Maid with love
Baker Maid releases a new line of hand-made indulgences with Love, Cookie.

Beyond the squiggle
There’s more to decorating baked desserts than mechanizing the nozzle. Bakers should consider their systems as a whole.

That's a wrap
People are in a hurry, and it shows in the main packaging trends for 2015 and beyond.

Prebiotic, probiotic blend yields stable synbiotic
Better together, a blend of a liquid prebiotic chicory root fiber and a stable probiotic results in Frutalose PRO, a low-calorie, low-sugar, clinically proven synbiotic.

S&F Foods targets demand with Gluten-Free Delights.
With its latest product, the Romulus, MI-based company enters an untapped section of the gluten-free market.

A quality one-stop shop
Chicago c-store chain ushers in a new era.

C-stores opt for quality over quantity
Convenience chains take a cue from foodie culture, offering better food in smaller sizes.

Moderation vs abstinence
More and more consumers are trading in restrictive diets for occasional indulgences.

I Heart Keenwah unveils new packaging
Modern look and bright colors fight for consumers' eyes.

New emulsifier added to non GMO portfolio
Corbion continues to expand its range of functional ingredients to help answer growing demand from consumers.

Pizza breaks free of convention
In a saturated category, pizza manufacturers must go beyond round crusts, traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella to engage consumers’ maturing palates.

Dawn Foods inspires bakers attracts customers with new cake
The Waterfall Cake line speaks to a trend toward luxury and indulgence.

Glitter adds glamor
Eye-catching color and sparkling effects enhance the appearance of baked goods.

BeanStalks delivers on multiple levels for snacking
Mediterranean Snacks aims for busy, health-minded snackers with its new bean-based product.

Cookies adopt simple ingredients
Cookie bakers reforumulating for clean label is nothing new.

Cookies and crackers grow up
Cookie and cracker trends are shifting to meet consumers’ demands for healthier, more grown-up tastes.

Supply chain shares food safety responsibility
Bakers, snack producers must work with foodservice and in-store customers to improve food safety.

Consumers drive change in in-store foodservice
As trends turn corners at the food service and in-store channels, it’s clear consumers are the ones behind the wheel.

Schmidt Baking Co launches magic bullet bread
The bakery’s 647 Bread aims to bring healthy attributes that appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Tortillas evolve to American food staple
This category continues to experience tremendous growth and a brighter future.