News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Special Report: Embracing the art of French baking
Veteran journalist romances about history and lore of French baking that still lives today.

Savory snacks adopt craft flavors
Trends toward gourmet, health and niche brands could be the next big things for crisps in the West.

SnackEx 2015 showcases innovation
The conference bridges the gap between health and indulgence in savory snacks.

New grain revolution hits savory snacks
Whole grains, multi-grain and ancient grains attempt a coup of mainstream snacks.

Hybridization keeps crackers fresh
Hybrid crackers could be the new battleground for savory snack manufacturers

The march to Munich
Organizers begin the countdown to iba 2015, this year’s premier international trade fair for the bakery, snack and confectionary industries.

Retailers position bread as a loss leader
Bread bakers in Western Europe must adapt to today’s retail environment to prevent further declines in bread prices.

Popcorn rides the wave of guilt-free snacking
This snack category has grown on healthy positions, but how healthy is it?

Biscuits A snack for all occasions
The biscuit category continues to be a place of strength while other categories flail for sales.

Cereal giants diversify their portfolios
As cereal sales stagnate, companies like General Mills and Kellogg pursue acquisitions that balance their product ranges.

Frozen desserts find a potential jump
Bake-off cookies offer opportunities to revive frozen desserts.

Snack bars hope to find boost in savory
As consumers switch sweet snacks for savory, the lagging bar category searches for ways to jump start sales.

Conserving food
Concerns about food waste quickly becoming a global issue.

Sweet and savory snacks see growth amid food trends
Today’s eating habits and consumer-led innovations see the snack category growing worldwide.

Tour de Bakery
Different countries, similar trends: Choice thrives around the world despite downward pressure on bread.

Hybrid pastries go global
As pastry sales continue to grow worldwide, the US exports its hybrid innovations.

Mexico experiments with high-calorie tax
While Grupo Bimbo and others absorb the impact of the tax increase, wider factors are causing declines for baked goods.

Breakfast cereals suffer under trend toward convenience
The largest markets around the world are seeing a decline in breakfast cereal consumption due to on-the-go lifestyles.

From Russia with trade
BEMA’s pavilion at leading bakery expo in Moscow helps members open doors to international business.

Algae offer opportunities for bread manufacturers
These ingredients can reduce sodium and assist in cleaning up ingredient labels.

Healthy snacks struggle in a global market
Companies continue to launch healthy snacks despite the category being niche.

Palm oil to create winners and losers in the bakery industry
Sustainability concerns from consumers force bakers to make a choice.

interpack Technology at a crossroads
This year’s massive show in Germany will feature the latest innovations in baking and snack equipment.

Government subsidies bar better bread in the Middle East
The predominance of cheap bread in the Middle East consumer’s diet could be contributing to chronic health problems in the region.

Rejuvenating Breakfast
Brand owners add value by offering alternatives to traditional cereals