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Continuous mixing 101: Controlling dough temperature
With these tips, bakers can achieve optimal volume and texture.

Equipment maintenance Prevent or predict
A well-thought-out maintenance program can prevent unnecessary — and often expensive — stoppage on the line.

Ensuring smooth conveyor transitions
Cookies, crackers and other small baked goods stay marching in line with well-thought-out design.

Protecting more than the product
Preventing breakage in packaging becomes tricky when working with delicate baked foods.

Twin-screw extruders, co-extrusion spur creativity
By leveraging extrusion’s capabilities, snack makers can produce intriguing textures.

With help from Europastry, Wenner Bakery goes beyond frozen baked foods
After an acquisition in 2015 by Europastry, Wenner Bakery has bolstered its operational capabilities and reach.

2018 Capital Spending Survey results revealed
With 180 bakeries being surveyed from across a variety of categories, the report delivers exclusive industry insights.

From design to the line, an introduction to secondary packaging
Secondary packaging provides product protection, premium positioning and a whole lot more.

Overworked lines lead to production pitfalls
Pushing production lines to the limit costs operations time and capital.

Food safety drives sandwich automation
Labor cost also a factor in companies making the transition.

TreeHouse’s Holland named 2017 Operations Executive of the Year
At TreeHouse Foods, Rich Holland makes hard work and continuous improvement a way of life … while always putting people first.

When should an ingredient handling system be upgraded
While automating systems can provide R.O.I., a number of factors and goals should be considered before enhancing systems.

With production lines slow and steady wins the race
When trying to get the most out of a line, bakers should consider some classic wisdom.

Strategies for scaling up artisan production
While looking to increase production, artisan bakers may be wary of losing the human touch. Today’s equipment can alleviate those fears.

Unwrapping the recall riddle
Labeling changes present new risks for bakers.

McDonald’s all-day breakfast gives Mile Hi a boost
The bakery creates more than 1,500 dozen muffins per hour for the chain and plans on accelerating production.

How to safely transition to ready-to-eat products
Joe Stout details sanitation strategies required for production changeover.

How should bakers reduce allergen recalls?
Progress has been made, but much more must be done to eliminate allergen contamination.

A practical approach to mixer maintenance
Preventive maintenance on right-sized mixers allows them to perform well for many years to come.

How should bakers reduce allergen recalls
Progress has been made, but much more must be done to eliminate allergen contamination.

Automakers offer advice on purchasing urban delivery vehicles
Before buying, companies should consider safety, fuel economy and more.

How to prevent blowouts and leaks when making filled pretzels
Without the proper processing equipment and settings, costly mishaps and fires can occur.

Top features to look for in a coextruder
Bakers should consider how their product lineup may expand.

Without proper sanitation mixers lose key efficiencies
To avoid excess downtime and allergens, operators must monitor a mixer’s sanitation schedule.

Four tips to consider when designing a bakery
Taking a pragmatic and organized approach can speed up construction and keep costs down.