News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Good housekeeping for safekeeping
Worker safety — and food safety — go hand-in-hand when it comes to preventing a combustible dust hazard.

Box set
Even as pouches and other flexible materials encroach, bag-in-box packaging provides benefits for snacks and bakery foods.

What about wire-cut
Several years ago, cookies set the bar for lumpy, bumpy doughs, challenging equipment engineers to adapt wire-cut depositors to the new reality.

Solving the co-manufacturers packaging dilemma
Investing in new equipment can be a tricky proposition.

Keeping the options open
Secondary packaging systems help create variety packs with seemingly endless options.

Pack mentality
As grab-and-go products gain traction and sales, bakers and snack makers rely on efficient flowwrappers for product integrity and convenience.

Anything but conventional
As the gluten-free market establishes itself, bakers look to suppliers for the right equipment and more flexibility.

Lumpy bumpy breakthrough
Depositing systems adapt to handling large inclusions — the highly visible, very chunky ‘real’ fruit, nuts and chocolate chips that consumers crave in sweet goods.

The importance of sanitation training
Training course provides overview of sanitation essentials.

Refine and update
Stringent 'green' rules along with the rising output demands and higher quality expectations shape frying systems to meet a continual cycle of change.

Why fryers differ so much
Fryer design shows wide diversity. Frying donuts, after all, is not like making potato chips or popping popcorn.

Bang for the buck
Robotics reduce costs and improve profits, but bakers must look for ways to get the most out of their investment.

Creating cakes
When it comes to mixing up batters, bakers can simplify the process by exerting control.

Maintaining the human element with robotics
When increasing automation, bakers can rearrange the workforce.

Capital spending targets packaging in 2015
Packaging offers challenges and opportunities for investment.

Dough-friendly dividing
Much has changed recently with this essential dough handling technology.

More with less
A review of the recent federal Economic Census shows a baking industry that is leaner but stronger.

Stability and strength
Today’s pan designs and automated handling systems help maintain the structural integrity of a bakery’s pans.

Ahead of the curve
Product inspection equipment evolves to accommodate FSMA.

Controlled chaos in the warehouse
Automated order fulfillment can streamline processes in the warehouse … and beyond.

Clean state of mind
It takes determination and a positive attitude to create a truly safe food manufacturing facility.

Sounds of optimism
Industry experts voice a more pronounced, positive view for investing in the future of the baking and snack industries.

Uniting Technologies
Ovens that combine multiple technologies and offer control across different zones help bakers achieve just the right bake for every product.

Breaking the mould
New technologies allow companies to make products in every shape and size.

Recovering energy and savings
Flowers Foods implemented heat recovery technology in its newest facility after seeing what its ability to turn waste BTUs into heat for the proof box.