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Damage control
Bakers automating gluten-free and artisan bread lines must incorporate gentle dough handle equipment to maintain integrity from mixer to oven. Click to view slideshow.

Abating acrylamides
Vacuum fryer decreases acrylamide formation.

Less is more challenging
Sustainable packaging poses some difficulties in maintaining integrity.

Find balance with dusting flour
Flours keep delicate doughs moving.

Legacy issues in the Modern Age
How to care for yesterday’s facilities that were built to last but not to be cleaned to today’s standards.

Opening up horizontal mixers
Open-frame design makes sanitation easier.

Performing due diligence
Before breathing new life into an old facility, be sure you’ve conducted a thorough assessment that’s free from assumptions.

From first contact
Food safety must be top of mind from beginning to end — and at every point between.

Mixing with precision
The latest equipment in mixing enables bakers to exert more control.

Divider diversity is in demand
Constantly changing market demands require a divider to handle a wide variety of products not only for today but also for the unforeseeable future.

Mastering the juggling act
Cookie and cracker manufacturers strive to reduce waste, streamline production and simplify sanitation to provide quality finished products at reasonable prices.

Unwanted guests
An integrated pest management system isn’t the end of the story ... it’s only the beginning.

Machining solutions for gluten-free cookies
Removing gluten from cookies requires some equipment adjustments.

Answering the call
Dialing into the sanitary design of equipment cuts long-term costs, protects companies’ brands and preserves the image of the baking and snack industries.

Calibrating load cells
Proper maintenance of load cells ensures proper scaling of ingredients.

First in flexibility
Turano Baking’s new production line in Bolingbrook, IL, features a number of technological firsts for the North American market.

Softwares the Solution
Software systems for material handling equipment improve traceability and reduce errors and waste.

Freezers that dont stop
Bakers looks for freezers with less downtime to increase throughput.

An ounce of prevention
It can provide a pound of cure when it comes to issues involving costly energy and environmental — or E&E — initiatives that can help bakers cut waste and save money.

Sealing in quality
If you want to improve your sustainability quotient — or get ready for the higher standards of FSMA — then take a look at recent advances in horizontal form/fill/seal technology.

The warm side of freezing
Bakers aim to the hit the proper temperature at just the right rate to get the most out of freezing or chilling bread and rolls.

Adding eyes to your flowwrapper
Vision systems add a layer of protection to packaging.

Outside air brings down chilling costs
New technology help bring down energy usage in refrigeration systems.

Keeping freezing clean
Meat industry standards make sanitation a high priority in freezing.

Todays equipment strives for clean and simple
Latest developments in bakery equipment focus on simplifying sanitation and adding flexibility so processors can quickly adapt to new product.