News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Opening up horizontal mixers
Open-frame design makes sanitation easier.

Mixing with precision
The latest equipment in mixing enables bakers to exert more control.

From first contact
Food safety must be top of mind from beginning to end — and at every point between.

Softwares the Solution
Software systems for material handling equipment improve traceability and reduce errors and waste.

Calibrating load cells
Proper maintenance of load cells ensures proper scaling of ingredients.

First in flexibility
Turano Baking’s new production line in Bolingbrook, IL, features a number of technological firsts for the North American market.

Outside air brings down chilling costs
New technology help bring down energy usage in refrigeration systems.

The warm side of freezing
Bakers aim to the hit the proper temperature at just the right rate to get the most out of freezing or chilling bread and rolls.

Sealing in quality
If you want to improve your sustainability quotient — or get ready for the higher standards of FSMA — then take a look at recent advances in horizontal form/fill/seal technology.

An ounce of prevention
It can provide a pound of cure when it comes to issues involving costly energy and environmental — or E&E — initiatives that can help bakers cut waste and save money.

Adding eyes to your flowwrapper
Vision systems add a layer of protection to packaging.

Keeping freezing clean
Meat industry standards make sanitation a high priority in freezing.

Freezers that dont stop
Bakers looks for freezers with less downtime to increase throughput.

Todays equipment strives for clean and simple
Latest developments in bakery equipment focus on simplifying sanitation and adding flexibility so processors can quickly adapt to new product.

Striving for LEED Gold
Denver-based Mile Hi Bakery strives for excellence in sustainability

Design-build successful projects
How the design-build method promotes a team environment to get construction projects done faster and with fewer issues.

Process Expo offers university-style learning
Speakers from top academic institutions lead Process Expo U classes Nov. 3-6.

Heres how maintenance can cut waste
Remain profitable through preventive maintenance.

Perfecting the baking process
Bakeries shopping for ovens at this fall’s Baking Expo will be pleasantly surprised by advances made during the past three years.

Sanitation importance on the rise
New hygienic designs court favor among those looking to purchase an oven.

BEMA searches for collaborative solutions
Whether it’s supplier-to-supplier or supplier-to-baker, BEMA’s objective is to get everyone at the table.

Gaining flexibility with hybrids
Multi-mode ovens combine different heat transfer methods to benefit product structure, thickness and texture.

Getting a good grip
Robotic stackers-unstackers keep pace with today’s faster lines, while automated storage and retrieval systems supply pans as needed.

Settling the score
Robots speed up the scoring process.

More than meets the eye
Integrating robots into processing and packing lines to reduce labor and improve efficiencies is transforming the baking and snack industries.