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Case study: Griffin's Foods Ltd.
Horizontal f/f/s technology can increase efficiency and maximize a limited footprint.
Pyler says: Cream yeast systems enable savings
Stringent controls over temperature and sanitation will keep cream yeast systems operating properly.
Packaging just for chefs
Fireking Baking Co. makes things easier on its restaurant customers with better packaging.
Horizontal packaging trends
Horizontal f/f/s machines are driving flexibility and quick changeover.
Interpreting audit abbreviations
It only looks like alphabet soup.
Mixers: Considering durability and power
A well-designed mixer must be ready to handle everything a baker throws at it.
Pyler says: Handle liquid ingredients with care
Tank size, construction materials and heating/chilling capabilities are important.
Ensuring it all pans out
Combining the latest in tracking systems with extra-large pans provides a one-two punch for reducing maintenance, minimizing waste and, most importantly, raising overall yield.
Pyler says: In line-flour cooling controls batch temperature
If flour comes into the mixer cool enough, the temperature of ingredients other than water almost do not matter.
Training to retain valuable skills
Periodically revisiting training helps employees to better grasp the equipment that they operate.
Keeping ovens consistent
Maintaining the heat balance in a tunnel oven requires critical control of the temperature, both linearly and laterally.
Balancing food safety and production time
Joe Stout offers insights on striking a balance between the need for effective food safety and the goal of longer production runs.
High-speed tortilla sheeting
In today’s highly competitive environment, food processors wage a constant battle between maximizing production throughput and minimizing downtime.
Focusing on oven fundamentals
"Smart" ovens require smart operators who understand the thermodynamics of baking and adjust their product flow accordingly.
Setting ovens right
Executing long-run operations correctly takes careful planning and precision tuning.
Advancing the art of tortillas
Design and engineering of tortilla processing equipment moves forward into more cleanable systems, running at tighter tolerances and outputting ever more product.
Vertical packaging trends
Vertical form/fill/seal packaging solutions meet the challenge of delivering on both speed and accuracy.
Ovens: A battle for control
Technical advances are helping bakers take more control of the baking process.
Navigating turnkey solutions
Automation streamlines commercial bakery operations, but installing an automated line should be planned and managed to ensure smooth integration and startup.
Science of tortillas
Texas A&M University leads in tortilla research.
Sanitation in proofers
Sanitary design is the next frontier for proofers.
Automating pizza toppings
Several manufacturers of pizza equipment now design their makeup lines with topping and dispensing units.
Aurora shows off its colors
Gonnella Baking’s transformation of its Aurora, IL, fresh bakery reflects the best of greenfield and brownfield projects all in one.
FSMA will change life for bakers
Food safety rules for human foods are in effect now, and most facilities must comply with them by Sept. 17.
Promoting airflow in proofers
Air circulation must be uniform to enure an ideal proofing environment.