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Vision systems in the packaging world
Because vision systems find problems with color, shape and size attributes, they can identify less than desirable processing and packaging conditions.

World class excellence in food safety
Securing effective food safety is a complex and often convoluted global initiative.

FSMA for yeast donuts
AIB International added a profile for yeast-raised donuts to its kill step calculator catalog.

Efficiency hinges on innovation
Many of the same technology updates that make cookie and cracker equipment more flexible, easier to clean and better at making cookies and crackers also make production more efficient overall.

Big advances in cookie and cracker tech
Cookie and cracker manufacturers seek the latest equipment technology to meet their greatest operational needs.

Karl Thorson takes the journey toward perfection
Baking & Snack Operations Executive of the Year Karl Thorson continues to push General Mills to greater levels of food safety.

Enhanced fryer filtering
Finding the right fryer still means matching output capabilities with product type while optimizing food safety and sanitary design.

A year of packaging innovation
Advancements in baking and snack packaging equipment feature significant breakthroughs and enhancements to close out 2016.

Karl Thorson: Becoming a guardian of food safety
Recipient of General Mills' Eldon Hansen Leadership award and Baking & Snack's Operations Executive of the Year weighs in on food safety.

Governing temperature in frying
A few degrees up or down in oil temperature make huge ­differences in finished product quality.

Selecting the proper frying equipment
Flexibility and food safety matter the most when selecting frying equipment.

Karl Thorson: 2016 Operations Executive of the Year
Karl Thorson combines a lifetime of learning and a passion for his craft to establish best-in-class sanitation practices for General Mills and the baking industry.

Meeting Preview: BakingTech 2017
Diversity cues the program for BakingTech 2017, to be held by the American Society of Baking, Feb 26-28.

Many choices for packaging film
Films changed over the years to make them easier to run on automated equipment.

Making software easier to use
If the daily operator cannot easily navigate the system, it loses much of its potency.

Depositing difficult doughs
Getting sticky, bucky doughs — especially gluten-free styles — through a depositor or divider often requires a different approach.

How to measure bake chamber parameters
Data loggers record heat flux within ovens.

Data collection boosts food safety
The responsibility of the food industry has shifted from responding to safety problems to preventing them. Proper data management can help.

Data management in ingredient handling
Handling information has become just as important as handling ingredients when it comes to food safety and quality control.

Jim Kline: Defining a skill set
Look for those personal attributes that separate the best job candidate from all the others.

Slideshow: Pan handling showcase
Agile pan handling and tracking, even on high-speed production lines, improves efficiency and saves money over time.

Accessible depositors for easy cleaning
Equipment manufacturers are answering the call for simple sanitation.

Cream yeast systems enable savings
Stringent controls over temperature and sanitation keep cream yeast systems operating properly.

How process changes affect mixing success
The mixing process can often affect the success of the dough downstream and also the finished artisan product.

Depositing for small cakes and fillings
When the product size shrinks, it amplifies challenges associated with accuracy and consistency.