News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

More with less
A review of the recent federal Economic Census shows a baking industry that is leaner but stronger.
Ahead of the curve
Product inspection equipment evolves to accommodate FSMA.
Dough-friendly dividing
Much has changed recently with this essential dough handling technology.
Clean state of mind
It takes determination and a positive attitude to create a truly safe food manufacturing facility.
Breaking the mould
New technologies allow companies to make products in every shape and size.
Sounds of optimism
Industry experts voice a more pronounced, positive view for investing in the future of the baking and snack industries.
Uniting Technologies
Ovens that combine multiple technologies and offer control across different zones help bakers achieve just the right bake for every product.
Recovering energy and savings
Flowers Foods implemented heat recovery technology in its newest facility after seeing what its ability to turn waste BTUs into heat for the proof box.
Better front-end controls
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Curing the crave for baked snacks
Emerging technology allows bakers and snack producers to roll out new products that satisfy Americans’ serious case of the munchies.
Finishing touches
Bakers can count their options when it comes to packaging and securing their bread and buns.
Juggling knives
As production lines diversify and bakers manage changeovers and sanitation needs, equipment suppliers bring some peace of mind with updates to the slicer.
Life in the fast lane
It always comes back to baking for Jeff Dearduff of Aryzta Americas.
Cracker tech 101
Understanding the many unit operations involved in biscuit and cracker makeup systems helps set the stage for product success.
Making pie deposits count
Streamlining pie production requires automation, weight control and time management.
Tech showcase: Cookie and cracker production
Today’s equipment attempts to simplify cookie and cracker manufacturing.
Extending the life of a pan
Bakers can implement several strategies and tools to ensure their pan coatings go the distance.
Safe on all fronts
Today’s bakeries and snack producers strive not only to ensure product and packaging integrity but also protect valuable equipment throughout the production process.
Stage an intervention
When is it time to switch to automated methods for storing and batching ingredients?
Embracing green technology
Bakers can gain savings by fine-tuning their ovens to specific products, using data to boost oven control and minimizing heat loss and waste.
Going with the flow
Flowwrappers are like any other piece of machinery in a bakery or snack food manufacturing facility when it comes to ever-changing challenges. Products evolve and consumer demands waver, but the end product must still be wrapped quickly, efficiently and reliably.
Growth in all directions
Bakery expansion projects prove that building a better business goes way beyond square footage or bricks and mortar.
Light on their feet
Baked foods and snacks leave the manufacturing plant in trucks of all sorts. Big 18-wheelers and boxy step vans do most of the work and haul most of the goods. But more and more, you see smaller cargo vans emblazoned with bakery logos zipping around crowded city streets.
Record and verify
If your bakery doesn’t already own a thermally hardened data logger, it will soon. Here’s what you need to know.
Roadmap for the future
Conducting an in-depth analysis of current and long-term growth strategies — and all related costs — will guide how and where a company should expand its operations.