News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Heat flux and humidity affect oven performance
Changes during baking depend on time, temperature and humidity.

Freezers: The big chill
Planning and prevention are keys to keep freezing operations running smoothly.

Protecting quality while dividing
Balancing machining stress with gentle handling of doughs yet maintaining portion accuracy is tricky.

Taking the Safe Route
Bakers follow many roads to reduce and prevent injuries and lost-time incidents.

Data-driven dividing
Information technology can provide bakers with real-time data to either automatically adjust itself or alert operators to make alterations.

What makes a good bagger?
Baggers for buns and bread products require speed, flexibility and ease of use.

Coping with OSHA
By giving priority attention to where most violations occur, bakers can better achieve compliance and avoid fines when dealing with regulations.

Making dividers more accurate
Servo-driven technology, gentler equipment and the implementation of data are helping bakers achieve more accurate portioning of bread products than ever before.

Knowing when to automate ingredient handling
It's a tough decision, but at a certain point it makes sense to take the leap.

Adapting to brownfield
Designing efficient, flexible bakeries are easier to design with a greenfield facility, but require a bit more effort with a brownfield one.

Considering safety in ingredient handling
Risk mitigation is an important step in optimizing plant operations.

Tech Showcase: Warehouse/Distribution
The latest software and updated technology enables easier, streamlined warehouse and distribution operations.

Weighing ingredients just right
Scaling accuracy poses one of the biggest challenges that comes with minor and micro ingredients.

Designing a flexible facility
Good facility design and plant layout can incorporate flexibility, room for growth and streamlined production into a new bakery.

How to maximize production efficiency
Good facility design and plant layout can incorporate flexibility, room for growth and streamlined production into a new bakery.

Pretzel tech spotlight
New versions of hard and soft pretzels continue to redefine — and even go beyond — the traditional snacking occasion.

ROI with ingredient handling
Return on investment isn't always straightforward when automating minor and micro ingredients.

Adding up the real costs of expansion
When expanding operations, bakers need to collaborate to effectively evaluate the long-term price of food safety in their decision-making process.

Bag closures get an upgrade
Upgrades to closures and the machines that apply them to bags must be reliable and simple.

Keeping mixers clean
Sanitation is top of mind in every aspect of baking production, and mixing is no exception.

Recognizable audit measures
A judge’s reputation affects the credibility of the judgement. So it is with certification standards.

Find the right audit standard
What's best for your company?

The ins and outs of mixers
From the loading of ingredients to the discharge of dough or batter, mixers must do the job quickly and efficiently to keep everything moving down the line.

How to live in a world of audits
Inspections, audits and certifications help ensure safe foods for consumers, and they also foster continuous improvement.

Case study: Griffin's Foods Ltd.
Horizontal f/f/s technology can increase efficiency and maximize a limited footprint.