News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Helping hands with maintenance
Bakers get assistance in preventing maintenance issues with ingredient handling.
Staying on the conveyor track
Avoiding costly downtime in a baking and snack operation relies on paying close attention to those systems that keep everything moving.
Ingredients under control from the start
Automated ingredient handling improves food and operator safety by taking the guesswork out of storing and dosing ingredients.
Navigating the top eight
For many consumers — and all food producers — controlling allergens is a rule with little to no exceptions.
Lengthening the life of a mixer
Equipment suppliers continue to improve maintenance and sanitation through design.
Pattern of progress
The gluten-free category moves quickly to keep up with demand.
How to equip for gluten-free
Although many conventional bakery parameters still apply, systems must be able to efficiently divide and makeup these difficult, stiff or loose — but always sticky — doughs.
A new fix for the mix
Advances in mixers help bakers develop the best dough with less time and lower costs.
Effectively evaluate efficiency
Now is the time to calculate — and address — your operation’s true performance.
Gluten-free The formulators perspective
Gluten-free production looks different from the point of view of the formulating bench.
What a difference an oil change makes
With FDA proposing to reclassify partially hydrogenated oils, the effect will be to alter the baker’s options in frying equipment, too.
Find balance with dusting flour
Flours keep delicate doughs moving.
Less is more challenging
Sustainable packaging poses some difficulties in maintaining integrity.
Sanitation in the face of allergens
Inclusions add more than just flavor and visual interest to a finished product.
Damage control
Bakers automating gluten-free and artisan bread lines must incorporate gentle dough handle equipment to maintain integrity from mixer to oven. Click to view slideshow.
A case in point
The latest generation of bulk and case packers addresses myriad issues, including labor, sustainability and even employee safety.
Abating acrylamides
Vacuum fryer decreases acrylamide formation.
Configured for quality
How to select fryers to handle premium ingredients, optimize product quality, ensure energy efficiency and raise sustainability. Click to view slideshow.
Legacy issues in the Modern Age
How to care for yesterday’s facilities that were built to last but not to be cleaned to today’s standards.
Machining solutions for gluten-free cookies
Removing gluten from cookies requires some equipment adjustments.
Mastering the juggling act
Cookie and cracker manufacturers strive to reduce waste, streamline production and simplify sanitation to provide quality finished products at reasonable prices.
Unwanted guests
An integrated pest management system isn’t the end of the story ... it’s only the beginning.
Answering the call
Dialing into the sanitary design of equipment cuts long-term costs, protects companies’ brands and preserves the image of the baking and snack industries.
Divider diversity is in demand
Constantly changing market demands require a divider to handle a wide variety of products not only for today but also for the unforeseeable future.
Performing due diligence
Before breathing new life into an old facility, be sure you’ve conducted a thorough assessment that’s free from assumptions.