Food safety: Decreasing portions at risk
Even a small percentage of risk can mean putting millions at risk., Oct. 1, 2011
by Joe Stout
If a bakery makes 2 billion portions annually, which isn’t uncommon even for a small plant because one cookie or one slice of bread could be considered a portion, the number of portions it is putting at risk based on its safe food percentage are as follows. If a manufacturer making these quantities thinks that 99% safe food is adequate, then it is putting as many as 20 million people at risk.

Percent Safe        Portions at Risk
99%                     20,000,000
99.9%                    2,000,000
99.99%                     200,000
99.999%                     20,000
99.9999%                     2,000
99.99999%                      200
99.999999%                      20
99.9999999%                      2
99.99999999%                  0.2