Eblast Specs

Acceptable file format

HTML only. JPEG, GIF and PDF are not acceptable file formats.

Materials due

All materials must be received 5 days prior to the launch date.

Submit files to



  • Use tables, not divs.
  • We recommend a maximum of 650 pixels width. It can be as long as you need it to be. 
  • All links must be coded into the HTML file.
  • Full image paths in the code must be used (ex: http://www.domain.com/images/graphic1.jpg) and images hosted on your server.
  • Do not use Flash, Rich Media, Javsacript or Image Maps. The use of Image Maps does not allow our system to track clicks.
  • Links can only be tracked for web addresses. Links to "mailto" addresses can not be tracked.
  • Submit both html and back-up text versions (include text that appears in graphics)
  • Specify the subject line.

Design Tips

  • Use inline CSS, not an internal CSS stylesheet. Only use an internal CSS stylesheet if you are an expert.
  • Try to get your call-to-action above the scroll.
  • Always use text for important information.
  • Avoid using absolute paths to remote style sheets.
  • Use Alt text for images.
  • There isn’t a maximum or minimum amount of words you can use. Write for your readers and not for yourself. Emails are about informing, not impressing. The most important thing you can do is send a message that your audience will be interested to read and encouraged to react to; fill out a registration form, get a free offer, go to your site to learn more, watch a video, etc.

What to Send

  • Specify the subject line.
  • Seed lists: Specify the email addresses of those who need to receive the proof and also who should be included on the final launch.
  • Submit both html and back-up text versions (include text that appears in graphics).

Getting Through Spam Filters

Here are a few things we recommend to increase your deliverability.

  • Avoid using large images. Spam filters check the graphic to text area ratio. Text in an eblast should be html text rather than embedded as part of a jpeg or gif.
  • Avoid borders on tables.
  • If you’re concerned about using promotional words in the body of your eblast, we can run a spam test on it to see how it scores and what we might need to change.

Design Assistance

If you'd like us to create the email blast for you, a $100 design charge will apply. Please send the following information to cfluegge@sosland.com

  • 1-3 paragraphs of informational ad copy
  • Detailed linking instructions (what words or images should be links and what URL or e-mail address they should link to)
  • Artwork/images
  • Specify subject line (recommended 6 words maximum)