Mechanical Requirements




Saddle stitched

Material Required

Ads should be submitted in a digital format. PDF/X1a, Native InDesign, Quark, Illustrator and PhotoShop documents are accepted for both PC and MAC. The color and quality of print reproduction may vary if a SWOP compliant proof is not provided. Laser proofs included are for content only. Graphic images resolution should be at least 300 dpi and converted to CMYK, minimum 150 line screen. Bitmap image and QR codes resolution must be 1200 dpi.

Preferred Media

Email, FTP or CD. Files submitted via FTP require a PDF for proofing. MAC files must be compressed using Stuffit Software. PDF/X-1a files can be e-mailed to For additional information, contact the PreFlight Department.

4-Color Specifications

Density: Total density of all colors combined in any one area should not exceed 300%. Only one solid color should be used in any one area.

Colors Available

Publication prints standard 4-color process. Metallic and PMS colors are printed at additional cost. At publisher's discretion PMS colors may be manufactured from process colors.


Cover: 80 lb. enamel; Body: 45 lb. enamel

Composition by Publisher

At advertiser's request, publisher will compose advertisements, typeset in display material available in-house, and make alterations. The advertiser will be billed a minimal production charge (publisher's cost + 15%). Proofs will be provided upon request to the advertiser if production deadlines are met.