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What's new in food
Doritos mystery-flavored chips, Weight Watchers mint chocolate brownie bites, and Lay's salt and vinegar air-popped crisps  hit the market.
Explore a new world of flours

When setting sail for whole grain applications, bakers can follow new opportunities but should expect a change of direction in formulating.

Providing a complete package at interpack

Interpack 2014 exhibitors present innovative product concepts and packaging solutions.

What's new in food
Bean cereal, cracker chips, and savory snack bars hit the market.
What's new in food
Eggo Bites, Clif iced lemon cookie bars, and Udi's gluten-free frozen dinners hit the market.
Bundy Baking Museum

The Bundy Baking Museum, located in a restored 19th century mill at Bundy Baking Solutions’ Urbana, OH, headquarters, is Russell T. Bundy’s way to honor the past and inspire the future.

What's new in food
Protein granola, habanero chips, and digestive blend cereals among latest product launches in the market.
A new fix for the mix

Advances in mixers help bakers develop the best dough with less time and lower costs.

Mile Hi Bakery goes for growth

Thirty years after pioneering the Single Source bakery, Mile Hi moves into a new, more capable and higher plant three times the size.

Solving the gluten-free puzzle

Rudi’s Organic Bakery figures out how to succeed in the hottest emerging segment of the baking industry with ‘a brand that has personality.’

How to equip for gluten-free

Although many conventional bakery parameters still apply, systems must be able to efficiently divide and makeup these difficult stiff or loose — but always sticky —doughs.

Enzymes beyond amylase

Enzymes enable clean-label formulating strategies, but there’s much more to their advantages in baked foods.

Damage control in dough handling

Bakers automating gluten-free and artisan bread lines must incorporate gentle dough handling equipment to maintain integrity from mixer to oven.

Packaging: A case in point

The latest generation of bulk and case packers addresses myriad issues, including labor, sustainability and even employee safety.