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Portioning for profits

Advances in dividing technology strive to meet bakers’ growing demands for equipment that’s easier to clean, maintain and can handle their growing product portfolios.

American Society of Baking prepares for the future

In the midst of an industry-wide change, the Best Week in Baking brings bakers together to ‘improvise, adapt, overcome.’

BEMA kicks off best week in baking

The annual Winter Summit offered bakers the opportunity to discuss what’s next for the industry.

Pillars of strength

SNAXPO highlights SFA’s core values for its members, namely a focus on government affairs, education and networking.

Getting together for innovation
Innovation centers that foster collaboration between bakers and their ingredient suppliers prove that one plus one can equal far more than two.
PBF Pita Bread Factory brings something special to the table

The company’s new facility gives the Canadian specialty bakery the launch platform for new premium products and the foundation to fuel its next growth stage.

Crossing the finish line
Icing, glazing and spraying systems can put bakers in first place with waste management and targeted application solutions.
A new era of oven control

With FDA now writing FSMA rules, bakers and their ovens must soon embark on a new journey to tighter operating conditions with greater reporting needs.

Bakeries staying on track

Avoiding costly downtime in a baking and snack operation relies on paying close attention to those systems that keep everything moving.

Under control from the start

Automated ingredient handling improves food and operator safety by taking the guesswork out of storing and dosing ingredients.

What's new in food
Nana's Nola organic granola snacks, Post breakfast shakes and Rud's pretzel rolls hit the market.
Finding the sweet spot
No matter the form, cakes, pies and other decadent treats deliver on consumers’ cravings for indulgence.
Hitting the bars

Consumers turn to bars to satisfy cravings for more energy, simple ingredients and new flavors and textures.

Biscuits & Crackers with Southern Hospitality
B&CMA brought together bakers and suppliers to take on formulating, FSMA, onboarding and more at its Annual Technical Conference, held April 27-30 in Nashville, TN.
What's new in food
Boulder Canyon ancient grain chips, Duff Goldman cake-in-a-jar innovations, and Horizon sandwich and graham cracker offerings hit the market.