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Finding the sweet spot
No matter the form, cakes, pies and other decadent treats deliver on consumers’ cravings for indulgence.
Hitting the bars

Consumers turn to bars to satisfy cravings for more energy, simple ingredients and new flavors and textures.

Biscuits & Crackers with Southern Hospitality
B&CMA brought together bakers and suppliers to take on formulating, FSMA, onboarding and more at its Annual Technical Conference, held April 27-30 in Nashville, TN.
What's new in food
Boulder Canyon ancient grain chips, Duff Goldman cake-in-a-jar innovations, and Horizon sandwich and graham cracker offerings hit the market.
No place like home

Italian Home Bakery believes authenticity remains the enduring trend that differentiates its business and never goes out of style.

Cultivating Relationships

By aggressively serving the needs of a specific demographic group, lifestyle brands transcend food and become a part of consumers’ lives and identities.

What's new in food
Doritos mystery-flavored chips, Weight Watchers mint chocolate brownie bites, and Lay's salt and vinegar air-popped crisps  hit the market.
Explore a new world of flours

When setting sail for whole grain applications, bakers can follow new opportunities but should expect a change of direction in formulating.

Providing a complete package at interpack

Interpack 2014 exhibitors present innovative product concepts and packaging solutions.

What's new in food
Bean cereal, cracker chips, and savory snack bars hit the market.
What's new in food
Eggo Bites, Clif iced lemon cookie bars, and Udi's gluten-free frozen dinners hit the market.
Bundy Baking Museum

The Bundy Baking Museum, located in a restored 19th century mill at Bundy Baking Solutions’ Urbana, OH, headquarters, is Russell T. Bundy’s way to honor the past and inspire the future.

What's new in food
Protein granola, habanero chips, and digestive blend cereals among latest product launches in the market.
A new fix for the mix

Advances in mixers help bakers develop the best dough with less time and lower costs.