Industry prepares to launch Energy Star initiative, Sept. 21, 2011
by Dan Malovany

lime energy Sustainability will gain momentum in the baking industry in a big way in the near future following an initial move by the American Bakers Association (ABA) to participate in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Energy Star program.

ABA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with EPA to promote increased energy efficiency for the baking industry. Through the agency’s Energy Star program, ABA and EPA will collaborate to provide valuable energy management tools to help promote increased energy efficiency among the US baking industry. The MOU signals a significant shift in momentum for the baking industry concerning the issue of sustainability.

“The baking industry is enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program,” said Rasma Zvaners, ABA’s policy director. “ABA is pleased that the members will receive recognition for energy efficiencies they are pursuing as part of the baking industry’s commitment to sustainability.”

Energy Star is a voluntary program supported by businesses and introduced by EPA in 1992. The program enables businesses to clearly identify the energy management practices that can help achieve energy savings and protect the environment.

According to the MOU, ABA plans to:

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