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A.B.A. joins lawsuit against overtime rule

9/23/2016 - The overtime rule doubles the current exemption threshold and limits workplace flexibility in the baking industry, according to the A.B.A.

Shippers warn of 'unintended consequences'

9/22/2016 - Issues may result from F.D.A. final rule on sanitary transport.

Sugar users urge D.O.C. to revise trade agreement with Mexico

9/21/2016 - Sugar users in part seek more raw cane sugar imports.

Expansive nutrition database debuts

9/21/2016 - Free on-line resource is a collaborative effort between U.S.D.A. and global groups.

Inulin companies petition F.D.A for fiber status

9/19/2016 - The petition cites such physiological health benefits as improved laxation/bowel function, increased calcium absorption and reduced blood cholesterol levels.