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Slideshow: Kellogg debuts slew of new cereals, snacks

1/18/2017 - Company launching more than 50 new products.

B.B.U. expands Entenmann's Little Bites line

1/18/2017 - Chocolate Party Cakes becomes newest variety to join product lineup.

General Mills introduces upscale bread for schools

1/18/2017 - K-12 schools may elevate their sandwich selection with new Pillsbury panini and ciabatta bread.

Slideshow: Hostess innovation probes brand's versatility

1/17/2017 - Company introducing spate of new products, including Chocolate Cake Twinkies and White Fudge Ding Dongs.

Canyon Bakehouse launches larger gluten-free bread

1/17/2017 - New Heritage Style bread slices are wider and taller than traditional gluten-free bread.