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Agreement reached on fix to co-op tax benefit

3/14/2018 - Private grain buyers see playing field leveled.

Pacific Rim trade pact signed

3/9/2018 - United States not a part of agreement.

F.T.C. challenges Smucker's acquisition of Wesson oil from Conagra

3/6/2018 - It is alleged Smucker would control 70% of the U.S. market for branded canola and vegetable oils if the transaction is approved.

F.D.A. gives more guidance on added sugars, fiber

3/2/2018 - A symbol related to added sugars might appear on the Nutrition Facts Panel of honey, maple syrup and certain cranberry products.

Bimbo, industry wait on F.D.A. rulings

3/1/2018 - A ruling on fiber and a finalized date for Nutrition Facts Panel compliance could spur R.&D. efforts.