Baking & Snack

Theresa Cogswell: Filling the leadership need
With help from a generous foundation and university, KSU Bakery Science program survives and thrives.
Jim Kline: Get onboard before onboarding
Finding the right person to fit the job requires forethought and planning.
Bakery Tech Tips: Succeeding without really trying
When starting a new project, take best practice cues from those who have gone before.
How to reintroduce iconic brands
Learning from past blunders can help avoid “horrible” mistakes.
Bakery Tech Tips: Estimate-Guesstimate
How to make a best “guesstimate” on large-scope projects when there’s no time for research.
Theresa Cogswell: Reintroducing iconic brands
Learn from past blunders to avoid ‘horrible’ mistakes.
Joe Stout: Reflecting on Food Safety
Decades ago may seem like the good old days because food recalls caused by pathogens or allergens were infrequent. But were they?
Bakery Tech Tips: The calendar crunch
Now is the time to fill your calendar with industry events and education.
Bakery Tech Tips: The art of leadership
Think of your bakery operation as a canvas for expressing your management skills.
Bakery Tech Tips: Fishing for the Answer
How to approach problem solving for your bakery.
How to nurture innovation
Advancements can come from many people, so encourage, don’t stifle them.
Bakery Tech Tips: Culture is in the Air
How to develop an operational atmosphere that helps the team feel good about what they accomplish every day.
Theresa Cogswell: The other dairy ingredient choice
Whey permeate may be the “whey to go” to address high-price, short-supply issues.

Bakery Tech Tips: Wide Eyed and Wandering
Notes from a first-time iba attendee.
Determining how safety adds value
Bakers should prioritize prerequisite programs to ensure delivery of safe foods to consumers.
Job descriptions must define skills
By knowing the talents required, companies and candidates can best assess applicants’ abilities against a position’s needs.