Cooler. (a) A refrigerated enclosure or area intended for storing perishable products, e.g., milk (q.v.), yeast (q.v.), eggs (q.v.), etc., as well as doughs (q.v.) in which the rate of fermentation (q.v.) is to be retarded. (b) Units of equipment, usually equipped with a continuous conveyor, through which hot baked products emerging from the oven are conveyed to reduce their temperature sufficiently to permit product slicing and/or packaging, or, in the case of a chocolate enrobing operation, to hasten the setting of the chocolate (q.v.) or compound coatings (q.v.) on cakes (q.v.), doughnuts (q.v.), cookies (q.v.), etc. Cooling in these applications is promoted either by air movement at ambient temperature or by cooled air.