Surface-active ingredients emulsify the oil-and-water mixtures known as batters and doughs. Their activity enables proper blending of ingredients and protects against physical shocks caused by mechanical handling. These improvers also help sequester water to prevent weeping in frozen doughs, and they help form protein and starch complexes, thus softening crumb and lengthening shelf life.

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Replacing PHOs in emulsifiers

- Bakers challenge emulsifier suppliers to get rid of PHO-based materials but keep the performance.

Bakery improver enlists in the war against staling

- Bonding with other bakery ingredients, MicroGold sets up barriers to moisture migration and cuts oil absorption.

Taking a new look at emulsifiers part 3

- Experts from DuPont Nutrition & Health discuss how to select emulsifiers that bring up the performance of baked products made with trans-free shortenings.

Working with proteins part 2

- Here’s why soy protein improves baked foods.

Change of course

- Emulsifiers drive texture and shelf life when baked foods travel trans-free and low-fat routes.