Surface-active ingredients emulsify the oil-and-water mixtures known as batters and doughs. Their activity enables proper blending of ingredients and protects against physical shocks caused by mechanical handling. These improvers also help sequester water to prevent weeping in frozen doughs, and they help form protein and starch complexes, thus softening crumb and lengthening shelf life.

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Emupals brings efficiency to the bakery

- A pho alternative shouldn’t be a one-trick pony.

Emulsifiers bring stability in transition from phos

- Phos have to go, and not just in fats but in emulsifiers as well. Formulators work to maintain all that they do.

Clean considerations when choosing emulsifiers

- Lecithin becomes a popular choice while other emulsifiers may need more scrutiny.

Images from BakingTech 2017

- ASB BakingTech 2017 puts industry diversity to work to create a dynamic ‘Best Week in Baking.’

Many factors to replacing PHOs

- The base oil has the most impact on product performance.
Change of course