Encapsulation technology — a form of food nanotechnology — gives baked foods manufacturers the ability to target the delivery and release of specific ingredients to achieve optimal effectiveness. As the technologies have evolved, the opportunities for the food industry have expanded and allowed the development of food products with additional functionalities.

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Images from BakingTech 2017

- ASB BakingTech 2017 puts industry diversity to work to create a dynamic ‘Best Week in Baking.’

Soluble, Insoluble Fiber Blended to Balance

- Nexira starts with all-natural acacia gum, one of the first hydrocolloids to be used in foods, and combines it with gluten-free wheat fiber via a proprietary process to make Equacia, a balanced fiber for bakery and snack applications.

Encapsulates: Providing Protection

- Encapsulation, a form of applied nanotechnology, controls the release of ingredients into dough and batter systems.