With these highly functional ingredients now well established in bakery formulations, what new applications — and new enzymes — are in store?

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Case in point Dough tolerance

- Formulating cleaner-label breads involves understanding of each ingredient's unique function.

Protein packed recovery and renewal

- With eggs coming down in price and almost back into normal supply, dairy ingredients diversify in nutrition and function.

Ardent Mills embraces cross over trends

- Sprouted grains, whole grains and whole wheat intersect in Ardent Mills’ Sprouted White Spring Whole Wheat Flour.

Pyler says Enzymes unlock baking advantages

- Because enzymes work in specific ways, they can fine-tune formulations.

Corbion Caravan extends shelf life for bread

- The award-winning enzyme blend lengthens the life of a loaf of bread by seven days.
Malt meets bread