Fats and Oils

Fats and Oils

New technologies, federal regulations and market volatility all have played roles in the evolution of the fats and oils business. Get a comprehensive look at how the business has evolved with this Research Assistant.

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Frying the non-trans way, part 3

Expert from ADM Oils details the rising number of choices when moving away from partially hydrogenated oils for fried baked foods and snacks.

Frying the non-trans way, part 2

Expert from Stratas Foods recommends strategies for working with new high-oleic oils for formulating baked foods and snacks without partially hydrogenated oils.

Frying the non-trans way, part 1

Expert from IOI Loders Croklaan describes success when using new frying fats to replace those containing trans fatty acids.

What a difference an oil change makes

With FDA proposing to reclassify partially hydrogenated oils, the effect will be to alter the baker’s options in frying equipment, too.

Change of course

Emulsifiers drive texture and shelf life when baked foods travel trans-free and low-fat routes.