Fats and Oils

Fats and Oils

New technologies, federal regulations and market volatility all have played roles in the evolution of the fats and oils business. Get a comprehensive look at how the business has evolved with this Research Assistant.

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Pyler says Why ingredients are put in major minor classes

- Bakery formulators group raw materials by their usage rates.

Suppliers design PHO-free shortenings

- When FDA pulled the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils, innovation in bakery shortenings cranked up and multiplied formulating choices.

FDA to review PHO food additive petition

- The Grocery Manufacturers Association seeks approval for specific use of PHOs.

Bakery fats after PHOs

- Expert from IOI Loders Croklaan describes what removal of partially hydrogenated oils will mean to bakery and snack applications.

Frying the non-trans way part 3

- Expert from ADM Oils details the rising number of choices when moving away from partially hydrogenated oils for fried baked foods and snacks.
Fry with stability
Change of course