Fats and Oils

Fats and oils

New technologies, federal regulations and market volatility all have played roles in the evolution of the fats and oils business. Get a comprehensive look at how the business has evolved.

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Selecting the proper frying equipment

- Flexibility and food safety matter the most when selecting frying equipment.

Going non GMO, sustainable with new ingredients

- As today’s world becomes more interconnected, issues of sustainable sourcing arise.

Emulsifier innovations

- Food technologists have made great advances in replacing PHOs in emulsifiers.

Replacing PHOs in emulsifiers

- Bakers challenge emulsifier suppliers to get rid of PHO-based materials but keep the performance.

Let's talk organogels

- Natural waxes may open another door to replacing trans fats without increasing saturated fats.
Phasing out PHOs
Fry with stability
Change of course