Flour and Grains

Flour and Grains

Learn the latest about the technologies and trends affecting the most important categories in the baking industry.

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Pyler says The story of San Francisco sourdough

- The microorganisms that give this West Coast favorite its flavor and texture surprised scientists.

Pulses and nuts as flour

- With growing industry demand for gluten-free options that are also high in fiber and protein, pulses and nuts are an excellent fit for a variety of baked foods applications.

Pyler says In line flour cooling controls batch temperature

- If flour comes into the mixer cool enough, the temperature of ingredients other than water almost do not matter.

Pyler says What is self rising flour

- Home bakers use styles of flour different from commercially available types.

Using barley, oats and corn as flours

- Gluten-free bakers are turning to grains other than wheat for their formulations.
Malt meets bread
What Fate for ADA