Enriched and fortified foods provide consumers with needed nutrients. What trends affect formulation and the market, and how is the grain-based foods industry responding with initiatives and new products?

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Challenges with protein in formulation

- Protein may be a natural addition to any formulation, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some extra work.

An abundance of protein

- With so many options to choose from for protein fortification, it’s important to understand the benefits and challenges each one brings to the formulating bench.

Finding the right source of protein

- With protein on every one's mind, the right source when added to most bakery or snack formulations will upgrade function and nutrition.

Marketing free radical scavengers

- Measurements that describe antioxidant capacities of foods and food ingredients can be difficult to use in marketing.

Study Europe should consider mandating folic acid fortification

- Recommendations and voluntary fortification fail to reduce the number of neural tube defects.
Setting the stage