Enriched and fortified foods provide consumers with needed nutrients. What trends affect formulation and the market, and how is the grain-based foods industry responding with initiatives and new products?

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Finding the right source of protein

- With protein on every one's mind, the right source when added to most bakery or snack formulations will upgrade function and nutrition.

Marketing free radical scavengers

- Measurements that describe antioxidant capacities of foods and food ingredients can be difficult to use in marketing.

Study Europe should consider mandating folic acid fortification

- Recommendations and voluntary fortification fail to reduce the number of neural tube defects.

FDA provides guidance on fortification

- A web site answers questions on the existing policy, which has not changed.

Gluten-free Delicious and nutritious

- Developments among ingredients for gluten-free foods have improved taste profile and the nutrition label.
Setting the stage