Hydrocolloids - Gums

Hydrocolloids / Gums

Because they contribute structure, hydrocolloids and food gums play a big role in preparation of gluten-free foods. And they have more conventional use as icing stabilizers. Recent supply difficulties with guar, however, have forced formulators to seek alternatives.

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Naturally non-G.M.O.

Supplier Innovations
Wheat, gums, emulsifiers and oils may ease the transition to non-bioengineered products.

Gums keep baked goods together

Versatile hydrocolloids solve a host of problems in a variety of applications.

Hydrocolloids: Managing moisture and more

Supplier Innovations
Understanding the different ingredient characteristics is a key to developing a successful formulation.

Getting by without gluten, eggs or phos

Supplier Innovations
Consider quality, cost and consumer perception when choosing alternative ingredients.

Agar alternative may save on costs in icings, glazes

Supplier Innovations
TIC Gums launches Ticaloid DG 671.