Hydrocolloids - Gums

Hydrocolloids / Gums

Because they contribute structure, hydrocolloids and food gums play a big role in preparation of gluten-free foods. And they have more conventional use as icing stabilizers. Recent supply difficulties with guar, however, have forced formulators to seek alternatives.

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Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 5

Multi-functional cellulose gums boast stable pricing and dependable availability, say experts from Ashland Specialty Ingredients.

Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 4

Great for gluten-free products, gums are getting more overall use in baked foods, say experts from TIC Gums.

Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 2

Cellulose gums prove functional in gluten-free baked foods, says expert from J. Rettenmaier.

Exploring gums and hydrocolloids, part 1

Know your gums to know their best applications, say experts from Gum Technology.

Gluten-free functionality

TIC Gums’ new line of products can bring back what gluten takes with it.
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