Mixes - Bases

Mixes / Bases

Using mixes and bases in preparing baked foods can add consistency and reduce labor, overhead and significant ingredient handling. See what is available and consider the benefits and challenges.

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How to formulate for gluten-free, part 6

Experts from Cargill look at the practical side of gluten-free formulating.

New mixes feature chocolate shavings, caramel chips, cocoa nibs

Supplier Innovations
Individual components may be adjusted for use in baked foods, muesli and ice cream.

Bases loaded

Clean-label bases help bakers extend artisan-style lines while serving nutrition-conscious consumers.

Slideshow: Explore a new world of variety flours

When setting sail for whole grain applications, bakers can follow new opportunities but should expect a change of direction in formulating.

Gluten-free: The formulator’s perspective

Gluten-free production looks different from the point of view of the formulating bench.