A lot has happened with starch ingredient technologies over the years as dieticians, regulators and food processors recognize the benefits and attributes of the nutrient. Its role in health and wellness as well as other timely industry trends make it a top-of-mind topic within the product development community.

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Organic, muscled up glutens and starches

- Vital wheat gluten and wheat starches, certified organic, supply the boost.

Bean based nutrition

- With pulse concentrates and flours, bakers and snack producers can hit all the hottest health trends.

Pyler says Starch gels at baking temperatures

- After gelling, starch retrogrades over time affecting the quality of baked goods.

Naturally non-GMO

- Wheat, gums, emulsifiers and oils may ease the transition to non-bioengineered products.

Bakeries claim fiber to get consumer attention

- Grain-based foods have a natural affinity for fiber, which may need to be added to meet consumer expectations.
Energy crisis