A lot has happened with starch ingredient technologies over the years as dieticians, regulators and food processors recognize the benefits and attributes of the nutrient. Its role in health and wellness as well as other timely industry trends make it a top-of-mind topic within the product development community.

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Rediscovering an American baking staple

- Rare varieties and nutritional benefits make corn a fashionable ingredient.

Q&A: Physiological benefits from resistant starch

- Starch’s role as dietary fiber is affected by new definition from F.D.A., but it still brings plenty of functionality to baked foods.

Starch's starring role

- Gluten-free baked goods are an area where starches, particularly the clean label ones, shine.

Q&A: Why use resistant starch?

- Learn how resistant starch imparts a bevy of benefits.

Racing pulses

- More snacks and baked goods now feature pulse ingredients as formulators learn more about their ‘superfood’ benefits.
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