Sweetener Substitutes

Sweetener Substitutes

Sweeteners have received a lot of attention in recent months relating to obesity, diabetes and other health concerns and issues. However, consumers still have a big sweet tooth. This Research Assistant finds news and reports on how the category has reacted and new innovations.

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Clean alternatives help bakers reduce sugar

- Bakers and suppliers naturally prepare for an added sugars declaration on the Nutrition Facts panel.

First commercial allulose helps bakers reduce calories

- Allulose debuts commercially and provides bakers a way to reduce calories while maintaining taste.

Get ready variety syrups part 3

- Alternative syrups enable “free from” formulating of baked foods, says expert from Malt Products Corp.

Energy crisis

- In the ‘battle of the bulge,’ formulators seek solutions to simultaneously reduce added sugars and calories.

Get ready variety syrups part 2

- Clean-label, non-GMO and organic advantages apply to variety syrups, says Ciranda expert.
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